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The first 5 million in Milan –

The first 5 million in Milan –

It was performed live during an episode Your job Last night, Saturday, January 6, hosted by Amadeus, Winning ticket drawing One of the most famous Italian lotteries Italian lottery.

The Lombardy draw rewarded: 3 of the first 5 super prizes were sold in this region, including the richest prizes worth 5 million sold in Milan.

Eco The first 5 tickets win:

– One prize worth 5 million euros: a ticket series F306831, sold in Milan

– Second prize worth 2.5 million euros: a ticket series M382938, sold to Campania (Salerno)

– 3 awards, And 2 million euro: a ticket series I191375, Sold in Albuzano (Pavia)

– 4 awards
, From 1.5 million euro: a ticket series C410438, Sold to Roncadelle (Brescia)

The fifth prize is worth one million
euro: a ticket series No. 454262Sold to Montescudo Monte Colombo (Rimini)

The second category awards 100 thousand euros

Here are the 15 second category prizes worth €100,000 in Ciascino

– Series P192527 sold to Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)
– Series M245885 sold in Pietrasanta (LO)
– Series F131600 sold to Policin Zebelo (PR)
– Series F214883 is sold in Trieste
– Series D393404 sold in Caldaro on the Wine Route (Bz)
– Series I466701 is sold in Civitella Valdiciana (Arabic)
– Series I257605 is sold in Naples
– Series I063968 is sold in Piacenza
– Series N200785 sold to Eboli
– Series L207346 sold in Ottaviano (NA)
– Series C071644 is sold in Catania
– Series M404056 sold in Rome
– Series P244070 sold to Figline and Incisa Valdarno (Fi)
– Series M462363 sold in Rome
– Series L327933 sold to Sala Consilina (Sa)

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Other prizes

Finally, there it is 190 prizes for the third category, each valued at 20 thousand euros.

All this in addition to the daily prizes handed out during the period from October 16 to December 31, 2023.

How to collect rewards

Anyone who wins one of the Italian Lottery prizes will receive it 180 days to receive it. To collect it you have to do this
– Present the original and valid voucher at the offices Intesa Sanpaolo Bank branchesor
– Present the voucher (always intact and in original) to The National Lottery Prize offices are in Viale del Campo Boario, 56/d, in Romeor
Submit the winning ticket By mail – but assuming it is likely lost -: in this case you need one A/R recommendedIndicating the applicant’s personal details, address, and required payment method (bank transfer, bank transfer, or postal transfer).

What about taxes?

Winnings from the Italian lottery They are not subject to taxes. “No form of withholding or fees will be applied to winnings of any amount from the Italian Lottery – explains the Customs and Monopolies Agency – the amounts corresponding to the winning tickets will be deposited in full.”

Who won last year?

Last year, a tobacco shop in Bologna celebrated, while Lazio confirmed it was the luckiest region with three out of five top-tier prizes, i.e. those with six figures.

How many tickets were sold, and where?

This year, 10 percent more tickets were sold than in 2022: 6.7 million, one for every 10 residents. According to data released by the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Lombardy and Lazio are the two regions with the largest number sold, ahead of Campania. Rome is the “leading” province: 968,090 “separate” vouchers. Milan Prefecture, second, stops at 443.210; That of Naples in 330420.

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Unclaimed prizes

The Italian Lottery also brings with it an unusual record of unclaimed prizes. In the past 20 years, from 2002 onwards, as reported by Agipronews, approximately 31 million euros have fallen into oblivion. The most surprising case dates back to 2008, when the $5 million first prize was not even claimed. The last episode dates back to 2016, and the €2 million win was never claimed.

Extraction mechanism

Extraction was done during «Your Business – Private Italian Lottery»a special episode hosted by him Amadeus At the Teatro delle Vittore in Rome. Many guests attended this “very rich episode,” as Amadeus himself described it at the beginning of the evening: Maria Chiara Giannetta (who participates in the match for Liguria), Francesco Paolantoni (Tuscany), Lilo (Piedmont); Then Stefano Accorsi, Sergio Frescia, Pietro Castellitto, Benedetta Porcaroli, Eva Zanici, Pietro Castellitto and Paolo Fox.

How the game worked

At the end of the “traditional” Affari Tui game begins Lottery related game Which had its heroes VIP guests.

During the game, based on the ability of the different guests to answer questions related to the Italian regions, they were each allocated 5 vouchers, which were hidden in sealed containers linked to a lucky symbol.

Iva Zanicchi was linked to a €5 million ticket.

The ticket worth 2.5 million euros was linked to Maria Chiara Giannetta.

Lilo won the third prize worth 2 million euros.

Francesco Paolantoni won the fourth prize worth $1.5 million.

The fifth goes to Stefano Accorsi worth $1 million.