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Because Italy cannot defend green European extremism

Because Italy cannot defend green European extremism

Timmermann Green Europe

No one doubts that there are changes in temperature and climate, they have always been there, they are natural phenomena. What we others are wondering is that the cause of these changes is human activity and that it can be measured by some percentage.

It is therefore based on an “untested hypothesis” and may not be verifiable European Union First of all (with socialist traction for years) It is forcing the hand to draw the output That which begins from afar and that is now entering our cities, our savings, curtails freedom, destroys entire production chains. The purpose, not even hidden, is Prohibition of the use of private transportation by force and/or replacing the heat engines of private cars with electric ones, which is impossible globally and for all modes of transport, among other things.

And all without a plan to build new nuclear power plants of the latest generation, because the word “nuclear” in European documents is paradoxically taboo, while it is now clear that the planet’s energy future depends to a large extent on the research and use of nuclear energy. . So it’s one thing to fight pollution – which we all totally agree on – the desire to “fight and mitigate” climate change based on a certain ideology and to make Italy the start of the world. environmental extremism Wanted by the European left.

Moreover, the policies adopted by the European Union have not been shown to achieve the epic goal of “mitigating climate change” and are so far from it that no other continent follows us. Italy, which had, among other things, eliminated the possibility of building nuclear power plants since 1990, has instead become the champion of these arrogant and obtuse choices made by the center-left forces in the European Parliament. We see A very timid position on this subject by the Italian governmentIt seems unwilling to oppose the left’s choices, despite the fact that the forces that make it up in Europe have instead waged a fierce battle against extremism.

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This can only be understood by thinking poorly of the massive amount of money we receive from Brussels – Italy is the only country in Europe that has demanded and received nearly $240 billion for its infamous reconstruction plan, with a huge gap compared to all other countries. European countries – now it seems clear to us We are under extortion. All this has a violent impact on our lives and our freedoms. The debate on climate change should be supported by comparing proponents of the IPCC’s conclusions with a group of 1,600 scientists, including Nobel laureates, who are instead challenging those conclusions – with a wealth of numbers and data.

Moreover, through national mobilization, the foolish, arrogant and useless choices from an environmental point of view, which are implemented by regional governors and mayors by beating and blackmailing Italian citizens, must be opposed. In Piedmont, we made our contribution to the region’s reversal of banning private diesel cars of up to €5, and in Rome, we are organizing a consultative referendum Against Mayor Gualtieri’s decision on the expansion of Ztl to almost every metropolis. This is how it should be done everywhere.

We hope that there will be a position consistent with that taken in Europe by the Italian government and the political forces that make up it and the right-of-centre regional and municipal councils.

Andrea Bernaudo, President, Liberisti Italiani

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