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The INPS does not block checks for these people because they do not have to send the message: Check if you are there too

The INPS does not block checks for these people because they do not have to send the message: Check if you are there too

To receive certain services, a specific message must be sent to INPS: Form RED. But commitment is not there for everyone.

Some benefits, such as civil disability pension, social allowance, survivors’ pension and inclusion in the minimum treatment, can only be paid if the so-called. red model.

What categories of pensions are required to submit the red form? – Information

It’s about A statement attesting to your income status (if any, also for the spouse and dependent children), to be sent to the INPS under the conditions set by the same institution.

The following subjects are required to submit the red form:

  • Pensioners who have not received other income in addition to the pension in recent years, and whose income status has changed;
  • Retirees who have additional income, not disclosed on their income tax return, such as BOTs and investment shares, that must declare them to the tax authorities;
  • Holders of certain incomes that have been declared differently to the Revenue Agency, such as those derived from a coordinated and ongoing collaboration;
  • Retirees who are not required to submit an income statement because, in addition to their pension, they only have income for which this obligation is not expected (for example, income associated with the first home).

What happens if the message is not sent on time?

for this year, The red form had to be sent by February 28thfor income related to 2021. If not submitted, INPS has stopped paying the pension.

Interested parties had 60 days to submit their income to the Social Security Institute using the electronic form.income recovery“.

If the pensioner has not done so by the end of August, Final withdrawal of income-related benefits and refund of all amounts already paid during the reference year.

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Default retirees will receive notification of benefit cancellation by registered letter with return receipt from INPS.

However, we specify that the entity can also omit sending the letter to pensioners who do not submit a RED form. For this reason, if you become aware of your non-compliance, it is always advisable to contact the INPS, or go to CAF, to obtain all the necessary information for compliance before canceling.

Red Form: Who may not submit it?

Submission of the red form is not compulsory for all retirees Receive income-related benefits.

Specifically, the following are excluded from this:

  • retirees who have already submitted Form 730 or Form Redditi PF, in relation to personal and family situations, because the INPS can verify the existence of the requirements through these affidavits;
  • beneficiaries who have retirement income only and have not changed from the previous year;
  • Retirees whose income has not changed since the previous year.