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Bassetti stings Parisian: “The Nobel Prize in Physics Explains the Fourth Dose, Flipping Doesn’t Surprise” – VIDEO

“Here is the Italian campaign for the fourth dose” of the vaccine against the Covid virus. “Who advises Italians to do this because it prevents serious diseases and because if you are 60 years old you are more at risk? A distinguished university specialist in infectious diseases? A world-renowned immunologist? A hygienist who has devoted his whole life to researching vaccines? No. Vaccine expert The leading Italian chosen by the Minister of Health is Professor Baresi, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics. And so begins the “review” by Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Disease Clinic at the San Martino Clinic in Genoa, who, via social media, rejects the institutional announcement made in recent days to invite Italians over 60 and vulnerable people of all ages to join to the second supporter. “So don’t be surprised if the fourth dose campaign is a complete failure. Good morning starts in the morning,” he comments.

This is not the first time an infectious disease specialist has spoken about Parisi. When the world a few weeks ago expressed himself selecting the option to reduce the obligation to wear a ridiculous mask, Bassetti noted, “It’s a bit like when everyone trains during the World Cup or the European Football Championship, they’re all CT.” The message launched today is more or less the same: “I have great respect for Paris as a physicist, he represents a great Italian pride in the field of physics. Vaccines for children at the age of sixty, I find beyond competence, the problem is not with him but in who asks him.”

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“I think people need competent references in the sector we are talking about – says the infectious disease specialist at Adnkronos Health – it would have been better to put the face of the doctor, because people ‘receiving vaccines’ think doctors don’t, physicists believe. It was possible. To put in the face of a GP or, I don’t know, the face of the record-holder in immunizations in 2021, he says, with some examples of alternative testimony in his opinion more appropriate. Would Bassetti himself accept the role?” In who just puts his face on it, but it’s the message you want to send – responds to it – and I would never have put my face on the fourth dose by putting together a 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 year old. A completely broken immune system, compared to someone who has a perfectly functioning immune system.”

“I still argue that a healthy 60-year-old who’s had three doses of the vaccine and maybe even an Omicron doesn’t make sense to be vaccinated today,” explains Pasetti. “No sense, zero – he continues – there is no scientific work that proves that a healthy 60-year-old should take the fourth dose today. Also because, let’s repeat it, whoever takes the dose today will still have a booster dose with an updated vaccine on the variables “.

For the infectious disease specialist, the one on the second boost is “the vaccination campaign that started poorly and is going very poorly, because the numbers are ruthless. And this in my opinion poses a big problem next fall, because the worse the vaccination campaign. Today, the situation will be worse Next fall, the ministry erred in this matter.”

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Returning to the site in the fourth dose, Bassetti comments: “With this last act, after another, we understand how skills and competence in the field of Covid need a profound update, revision and change in the Ministry of Health.”