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Air conditioner, if you don't do it before you turn it on, you're done: You get Legionella

Air conditioner, if you don’t do it before you turn it on, you’re done: You get Legionella

Whether you own an entire home or a one-room AC, it’s a good idea to know what to do before you put it into operation. And also he obviously doesn’t have to make it work more than he should.

Air conditioner –

If the air conditioner is not properly maintained, it may be contaminated with microorganisms that could be Harmful if inhaled.

Among them are the problems that we can mention in addition to asthma and Allergy Among the possible damage, but not only.

Air conditioner, what to do before turning it on

Every year, summer warming data continues to succumb under the weightGlobal temperature rise.

Woman looking at the exposed air conditioner
Woman looking at open air conditioner –

A trend that is literally and tangible when we receive our monthly electric bill as soon as the air conditioning is turned on. According to experts, mistakes made with home air conditioning can compromise its efficiency and effectiveness as well. The safety of our health.

In fact, if the air conditioner is not properly maintained, it can become contaminated with microorganisms that can be dangerous if inhaled.

Common mistakes can be made when it comes to home air conditioning and a few simple adjustments can save our lungs and even our wallets instead.

Change or clean filters. At a minimum, the filter in the central AC unit should be changed every three months, and at least once per month if the system is in continuous operation.

Neglecting this dirty filter can result in poor air flow or freezing of the unit’s evaporator coil. a dirty filter It can add 5% to 15% to your energy bill, as well as reducing the life of your entire system. Fortunately, replacement filters are very inexpensive.

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If you have ‘split’ units without air duct, there should be a removable panel on the unit that allows you to clean the filter with a rag, or even washed, So there is no need to replace it.

thermostat adjustment

Programmable thermostat It can save hundreds of dollars on your annual air conditioning bill by automatically raising the temperature to those times of the day when you’re at work or away from home.

New “smart” thermostats that can be controlled from the phone make programming easier.
Research has shown that the human body is capable of this Adaptation to hot or cold temperatures Quickly, for example within a week or two.

If we wanted to reduce the air conditioning bill by up to 3%, it is possible to do so for every degree the temperature drops, let alone Potential environmental benefits Resulting from reducing the use of air conditioners.

conditioner and bacteria

Water cooling systems feature a water stagnation Capable of stimulating a true proliferation of bacteria.

Clean and dirty home air conditioner filter
Clean and dirty filter for home air conditioner –

Particular attention should be paid to the appearance of water contaminatedWhen the conditioning is turned on again, the spread of bacteria is inevitable. And the Legionella It could be one of them.

Legionella infection can cause:

  • exhaustion,
  • breathing difficulties
  • dysentery,
  • muscle disorders,
  • Pneumonia.

You can avoid all this by just doing one Regular maintenance activities of devices and sanitation of structures.

It is also enough a few drops of water It spreads in room air to inhale the bacteria. Hence, to avoid any inconvenience, it is advised to clean the AC filters regularly with soapy water and unloading trays Capacitor collection.

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