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Basketball, Germany's star record a historic achievement!  Beat the United States in the World Cup semi-finals

Basketball, Germany's star record a historic achievement! Beat the United States in the World Cup semi-finals

The Basketball World Cup final will be between Germany and Serbia. After the Serbian victory over Canada, it is time for the Germans to sign the achievement of their basketball history.Beating the United States 113-111 in the semi-finals At the end of what was probably the best game of this World Series. german masterpiece, An unforgettable performance for Schroder and his teammates who scored 113 points at the end of an exciting offensive performance.

The heroes of the night in Manila are Andrea Obst and Franz Wagner, The authors have 24 and 22 points respectively. Daniel Theis is great under the boards with 21 points. Dennis Schroder nearly recorded a double-double with 17 points and 9 assists. For the USA, Anthony Edwards' 23 points and Austin Reeves' 21 were not enough, and they were the last to really give up.

The German race starts with Theis and Franz Wagner (7-2). Herbert's team plays very well and moves the ball quickly and accurately. The result is +10 signed by Schroder (25-15). Steve Kerr relies on the bench and finds above all the fiery Austin Reeves who scores the American's equalizer (29-29). “The Last Ring” by Franz Wagner, The first quarter was exciting on the offensive level (33-31).

The game continues to move at a very high pace even into the second quarter. A series of threes on both sides and above all Reeves continues his personal display and also scores the USA lead (43-41). Goals are scored quickly, with both teams traveling with approximately 60% accuracy from the field. Back and forth from one scoreboard to the next, with the USA entering the locker room leading 60-59. The record for points scored (119) in the first half of a World Cup match was completely shattered.

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We come back from the long break with Germany immediately up to +6 (70-64). Haliburton and Edwards kept the USA at -3, but once again Schröder created a crazy shot from eight meters out with no rhythm. Hart and Banchero bring USA closer to -4. Obst minutes arrived, Which burns the retina whether from arc or penetration. Moritz Wagner finds another stunning hat-trick and Germany Leading by ten points entering the final quarter (94-84).

Obst and Franz Wagner were unleashed Germany continues to approach this achievement. The United States is trying everything it can to get closer, but for every American basket, the German response arrives quickly. Thiemann reached +12, but first Reeves and then Edwards completely reopened the match (106-103). Even the Lakers player scored -1, But Obst scored the hat-trick worthy of the German's rally +4 one minute before the end (111-107). Bonga stops Bridges first, then goes nuts on Reeves. But Edwards loses the ball dramatically. Reaves' final basket comes practically as time expires. Germany in the final!

Match result

USA-Germany 111-113 (31-33, 29-26, 24-35, 27-19)

United State: Haliburton 7, Bridges 17, Johnson, Ingram, Banchero 6, Portis Jr. 5, Edwards 23, Brunson 15, Hart 9, Jackson Jr. 8, Kesler, Reeves 21

Germania: Bonga 3, Lu, Giffey, Voigtmann 6, F. Wagner 22, Theis 21, M. Wagner 10, Schröder 17, Holatz, Thiemann 10, Obst 24, Kramer

Photo: La Presse