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Here is the Oaktree Empire. The fund is already working in sports with Cayenne, Swansea and NEPA

The Gazzetta dello Sport Today presents a sincere picture Oak tree, The California Fund entered Inter with a large loan, which was determined yesterday after weeks of negotiations. The company was established in 1995 By a group of investors as a subsidiary of TCW’s high yielding investment group, Oaktree was then able to expand its investment activities by also pushing infrastructure, debt, and consolidated loans – he says Rosacea -. Oaktree operates in the named area ‘Exhausted – sad’: Putting money into transactions that are more risky than traditional ones, in favor of companies that need liquidity. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and branches around the world: from New York to Hong Kong, passing through London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Sydney, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing more than a thousand employees, and as of March 31, it ran $ 153 billion in assets. Among his clients, he had 67 of the 100 largest American pension plans, more than 475 companies worldwide, 40 of 50 state pension plans in the United States, more than 300 foundations worldwide, and 15 sovereign wealth funds.

Even they are not new to the sport. In 2020, he, together with audiovisual producer Pierre Antoine Capton, acquired all of the shares of Caen (Ligue 2), while Stephen Kaplan, one of the founders, is co-owner Swansea (The other, Jason Levian, was a former DC United back partner) – confirms magazine -. And Kaplan managed to get his hands on even in the magical world of the NBA, as a minority contributor to the Memphis Grizzlies. In Italy, Oaktree has invested in other companies including Conpibel, Banca Progetto, and now Inter.

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