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“They ate with their hands and in the bathroom…”  Millionaire's Nightmare by James Rodriguez

“They ate with their hands and in the bathroom…” Millionaire's Nightmare by James Rodriguez

Changing rooms are a nightmare. James Rodriguez He remembers her asHorrible experience; It was paid handsomely, of course, but it was still to be forgotten. In an interview with Brazilian Channel Globo, the Colombian midfielder and former Real Madrid star spoke about his recent experience at the Qatari Football Club. Al Rayyan Like something shocking. And not for the salary of nearly 10 million plus benefits (which actually impresses us poor people). Rather, the game maker focused on some Emirati phrases that – according to him – created embarrassment and even fright for him.

For example, Rodriguez confirmed that he was shocked when they in Qatar called on him not to do so Bathing Naked in the locker room after a game or practice. “In football, when it's time to wash, the players take off their clothes completely and there my teammates say to me: No, no, you can't stay like this. This thing created embarrassment and fear for me“, recalls the midfielder, who was accustomed to completely different habits. Then the footballer also mentioned other moments of participation that could cause him embarrassment in front of his teammates. For example, the lunch.

Everyone eats there With hands, which was difficult for me. They shared it with me and I said, “No, thanks.” I asked for cutlery and they said: “No, you have to use water”…“, the former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich star also testified, also explaining his response to this advice: “You're crazy, I don't eat with my hands“The country you go to, the customs you find: those customs were very surprising.”the thieves“, who also stayed at the Qatari team Al Rayyan for only twelve months, specifically in the 2021/2022 season, before moving to Olympiacos and San Paolo.

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Of course, the tons of millions received in Qatar would have been reason enough to stay in those parts even with diners accustomed to eating with their bare hands, many of whom are now – with a touch of irony – wondering whether to say goodbye to the Qataris. Immoratina's team was also conditioned by those “nightmarish” details broadcast on television.