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Bancomat, pending withdrawals | Codacons and the Iliad

Stop ATM Withdrawals, Codacons Raids On Iliad Strategies And Reboot The Financial Machine: All Hot Topics.

It was announced that with the coming of summer many things would change within the banks. In particular in what can be defined as the anti-monetary system, in order to favor the tracking of payments. A strategy not fully shared by customers But this, in the case of some specific credit institutions, is no longer even a strategy but an effective plan ready for implementation. Naturally, the outbreak of the epidemic has led to a preference for all that is immaterial, which has led to the strengthening of online services (in practically any field), and inevitably the limitation of the scope of work in the implementation of some practices in person. Or with older systems.

Ing, stop at ATM withdrawals

And here, along with initiatives such as Cashback, the promotion of the cashless system is also moving from stopovers to ATM withdrawals. Only a few years ago, news that could have caused a scandal, but today, thanks to the simplification of online procedures, is being more effectively absorbed. The status of Ing, a bank with millions of users, is definitely a token status رمز. As of July, stop ATM withdrawals and micro-commissions for those who will carry them out at other credit institutions. The plan is already implemented: there is no charge for customers before 2018 for withdrawals at other branches, as long as it is more than 50 euros. Below, the commission is 0.50 cents. For others, inescapable: fixed commission at 0.75 cents for all branches in Italy.

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Codacons, The Case of the Iliad

Not all that glitters is gold, not even in the case of the phone companies. So much so that the Iliad, in recent days, has caught the attention of the Codacons, who have launched a premium-priced campaign for the summer, but, apparently, with some too many contraindications. Codacons sent a warning to the company because after some analysis, The Iliad will not allow the transition to a new tariff plan. In practice, in this case, new offers will be valid only for new users. The circumstance raised many complaints among subscribers. Moreover, Codacons also attract sympathetic ears about ways to change, which would cause environmental damage due to the constant flights necessary for carriers to introduce new Sims.

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The checking account, the foreclosure nightmare

It is not news that the arrival of summer brings the winds of change. Above all, in the phase of recovery from the epidemic, the financial machine is also ready to return to work. And for those who find themselves facing a tax bill, the problem can be really serious. Certainly more than the impossibility of withdrawing from the ATM. Also because the crisis is far from back And debt to be repaid could open even more dramatic openings, including the specter of foreclosures on checking accounts and pensions. Compared to the past few years, non-reservable ibans no longer exist.

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However, it must be remembered that not everything can be withdrawn from the account. For a pension, for example, it is necessary to take into account the minimum life share, which is 690.42 euros for 2021. On the other hand, 20% of the excess amount can be reserved before the start of the pension.