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886 deal 17 cents


Record numbers, those recorded by the so-called cunning cashback, with thousands of transactions of a few cents.

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The program officially started on December 8 CashbackWith the aim of discouraging the use of cash and combating tax evasion. In fact, a 10% refund, a maximum of €150, for at least 50 transactions during the reference semester. We remind you that payments must be made using electronic tools, such as credit or debit cards. But not only that, to attract many, it is Super cashback.

The latter, in fact, donates well 1,500 EUR The first 100,000 users will carry out the largest number of electronic transactions from the beginning of 2021 to the middle of 2022. A catalyst that ended up at the center of the controversy, given what is now known cunning cashback. The latter, in fact, in order to climb the rankings, immediately began working so that he could circumvent the rules through tricks of different types. A situation that certainly does not go unnoticed, which sees shopkeepers having to deal with thousands of transactions from a few cents.

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Cashback, Macron are still in business: thousands of transactions with a penny

In the past period, we had to deal with a real boom of the so-called scam cashback bonus, who try to use all possible methods so that we can increase the number of transactions. A clear example of this is the now known trick of Divide it into many small batches To buy only one. A story that certainly does not go unnoticed, especially regarding Gas station, where the persons concerned are able to act without disturbance at night, thanks to the self-service services.

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Thousands of cash transactions have been recorded over the past few weeks, as evidenced by some data released by an important oil company. Going into details:

  • Carugate (MI) primarily with 1,092 provisions In one facility with one card, an average amount 0.24 EUR per transaction;
  • Monreale (PA), 886 supplies, with an average amount equal to 0.17 EUR per transaction;
  • In Fiumicino (RM), in third place with 763 supplies from 0.09 € the one;
  • Caltrano (sixth), 700 supplies starting from 0.12 €;
  • Sinai (California), 684 supplies from 0.26 euros;
  • Paderno (Michigan), 658 supplies worth 0.08 €;
  • Piedmont San Germano (in French), 626 Supplies from 0.25 €;
  • Noto (SR), with 624 supplies from 0.30 €;
  • Belpaso (CT), Ben 617 supplies from 0.35 EUR;
  • Sesto (California), 601 supplies from 0.21 €.

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Incredible numbers, which show how some have left the situation a little carried away. Small payments scam, which can backfire. In fact, several users recently received a message asking them to provide clarifications regarding some suspicious transactions. Thus, the recipient of these communications has 7 days Validation of transactions. All that remains is to wait and see how the situation will develop.


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