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Draghi's Pension/Trade Union Reform: "Immediate Meeting with the Government"

Draghi’s Pension/Trade Union Reform: “Immediate Meeting with the Government”

Trade unions write to Draghi: ‘Meeting on pensions’

since the end quota 100 To expandsocial monkey, doubts about class 41 And expansion contracts, evenLatest Suggestion by Bouri and Biruti On outgoing flexibility: There are many issues on the agenda for the upcoming reform of the pension system Trade unions request a meeting with the government as soon as possible To settle all the major points in view of the following budget maneuver.

in a I sent a long letter to Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and the leader CGIL, CISL and UIL He argues the urgency of discussingFor tax reform, pension reform, school and Palestinian Authority, then go toMeasures related to competition, reform of social safety nets and active policies, necessary options for industrial policy, sustainable transport system, strengthening of the welfare state intertwined with the investments envisaged in the NRP, capable of creating new production chains, social services and creating stable employment opportunities with special attention to youth and womenThey are arguing Landini, Spara and Bombardieri.

Pension reform, BOERI-PEROTTI’s proposal

Retire at 63 but with a lower amount Starting January 1, 2022: the two economists at Repubblica Tito Boeri and Roberto Perotti Give one this morning Proposal to reform the new pension system To be able to insure anyway More flexibility in production without resorting, however, to measures similar to quota 100 for public spending and the “obligation” of the state.

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«You can retire at any time, starting from the age of 63, but by accepting the actuarial reduction, which today applies only to the contribution rate, to the entire amount of the pension, as proposed by INPS 6 years ago“The two economists write about their reform idea”will make noise“.While in fact the government and unions are trying to find a platform for it Expand the audience of social monkeys – While there is a file leagueSupported by the union yugl, will do 100 . quota recovery, perhaps with some modifications – Bowery and Perotti are considering the potential advantages of their proposal.

Quote 100, now what happens

The actuarial cut that the two economists contemplated for the new pension reform would mean today “A reduction at the rate of one and a half points each year before the pension provided by the 100th quota; In the future even lower – Bowery and Perotti continue on ‘Rep’ – Given that the generations that will retire in the coming years will have a higher contribution rate, the reduction is already applied in the case of early retirementThis way, you might find one Significant reduction in inequality of treatment between “mixed” and socialist pensions, where “It will also allow holders of the latter to retire early, provided they have had at least 20 years of contributions and a pension above the minimum (currently around €1,450 per month) in order not to risk ending up in conditions of poverty, particularly when encouraged Strongly from the company to leaveCurrently the threshold €1.450 It is well above the Istat poverty line, the former INPS chief argues: and thus could be reduced to 1000 Euro (twice the minimum pension) making “A wider audience potentially interested in early retirement”. The Draghi government trying to find the ranks inside for one person A consolidated pension proposal will be launched in the next exercise He will carefully consider the economists’ suggestion, for it may be a good meeting point between the demand for flexibility and not excessive spending on pensions.

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