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Clash with territories, then the phone call from Draghi: What happened with the vaccines

Clash with territories, then the phone call from Draghi: What happened with the vaccines

in the end it was Mario Draghi From Cornwall to settle the institutional fight over vaccines. The past few days have added to the chaos in the country, the confusion of institutions at all levels, which has forced the Prime Minister to suspend his commitments in the G7 for a few minutes to devote his energies to resolving the deadlock caused by the contacts in operation AstraZeneca and vaccine mixture. The usual circular from the Minister of Health arrived in the middle of the night to the provinces, which desperately needed a demand, at least this time, to provide clear information and put it in black and white.

Lombardy was the region in which he set his foot the most in asking for clear information, which could not be misunderstood and, above all, could not be abolished. Lombardi for a few hours stopped giving the second doses to those who had received AstraZeneca in the first place. Meanwhile, calls arrived from General Francesco Paolo Vigliolo and the Minister on Mario Draghi’s phone Roberto Speranza. With them, the Prime Minister has identified the only line of communication for citizens who are now confused by the ongoing changes and repercussions of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Mario Draghi will be the one to announce at the end of G7 when, as revealed by him Corriere della Serathe prime minister will say,The Italian vaccination campaign will continue with the same intensity as before, even with the new prescriptions on the use of vaccines, we will be able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves“. The Commissioner Vigliolo He reassured the regularity of supplies from Moderna and Pfizer, including:Commissioner structure anticipates availability of more than 55 million dosesBy the end of the third quarter.

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Will Mario Draghi’s words help reassure the country and ease political pressure? Georgia Meloni From the opposition, the finger was pointed at the government, whose actions contributed to theCreate a state of panic“In the citizens. Even Matteo Salvini has not escaped criticism from the Ministry of Health due to the constant hesitations. Palazzo Chigi will have to hide if he wants to preserve the remaining confidence of Italians in vaccines. The danger is always the same: if you do not vaccinate, how many possible by September , the risk of another wave is real. The Prime Minister knows this and wants to push in this direction to communicate with the citizens. Also for this reason, when yesterday Lombardy announced a halt to the second doses for those who had already received AstraZeneca, Minister Speranza was quick to call Letizia Moratti. The situation has opened up but it is now necessary to provide clear and accurate information.