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Bake Off Italia, do you remember Federico De Flavies? He has a record that no one has been able to beat Yet everyone tries


Federico De Flavis with Bake Off Italia judges Benedetta Parodi – (Screenshot Instagram)

Bake Off Italia is a challenge-based talent show between amateur pastry chefs, in which Federico De Flavis also participated in 2018

Bake of Italy – Desserts in the oven Submitted by Benedetta Parodi. He was a judge of pastry creations Ernest Knam In all versions, along with Clelia D’Onofrio Who participated in the program until the ninth edition. In the fourth edition, a third referee, Antonio Lamberto Martino, was added, and he was replaced the following season by Damiano Carrara.

To date, there have been eleven editions of Bake Off Italia, each featuring multiple versions Pastry making tests In each episode, which the judges evaluate in terms of appearance and taste.

They are evidence of creativity, and Technical test (which includes preparing the dessert according to Ernest Knam’s recipe), the Surprise experience – where competitors must imitate the dessert according to the judges’ instructions regarding shape, flavors and composition – and an outdoor test that takes place outside the Bake Off tent in different Italian cities.

There are many of them Amateur pastry chefs Who have ventured into all these versions, each with its own style and history. But there are those who still have an unbeaten record.

Italy’s best amateur pastry chefs in the sixth edition

We’re talking about Winner of the sixth edition Bake Off Italia, broadcast 2018: Como area Federico de Flavis In the final he beat his rivals Irene Tolomei (2nd place) and Yolanda Casillo (3rd place) after beating all 14 competitors in the race and was declared “”The best amateur pastry chefs in Italy“.

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The three tests that declared him the winner were the creative test, the artistic test – in which the contestants had to prepare a tart tatin – and the wow test.

Federico scored

At the time of the edition in which he participated, Federico De Flavis was attending the third year of the Carlo Porta Professional Institute of Food, Wine and Hotel Hospitality in Milan. He decides to participate in the selections, keeping his parents informed of everything. But Federico De Flavis developed a passion for pastry making from an early age, initially alongside his mother and aunt. He is very comfortable in the pastry shop thanks to him Meticulous and meticulous personality.

During the recording of the program, Federico had only… Sixteen years And it was The youngest competitor in the edition. And with the win at Bake Off Italia that became the case The youngest winner of all versions of the program in the worldachieving an unbeaten record.


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