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Ravello Festival, accuses Roberto Saviano: "Di Luca does not want me, I do not go there" and Antonio Scorati leaves the trend: "I am a free man"

Ravello Festival, accuses Roberto Saviano: “Di Luca does not want me, I do not go there” and Antonio Scorati leaves the trend: “I am a free man”

Friday Governor of Campania Vincenzo de Luca You didn’t fail at it Get disappointed in calendar related events Ravello Festival, Directed by Antonio Scorati. The reaction of an unwelcome guest, Roberto SavianoNot long ago, they were in attendance: “Vincenzo de Luca forbade my presence at the Ravello Festival. No problem, Don Vicié, I won’t be there… get all that is or vuost…It is the message that the writer posted on social media, accompanied by a video of just under four minutes in length, denouncing, and not without irony, that Campania Governor Vincenzo de Luca banned his participation as a guest at the Ravello Festival. A case that prompted the intellectual Antonio Scorati, for a few weeks at the head of the Ravello Foundation, to resign immediately and permanently.

“Unfortunately, a few days were enough to make sure that the founding members of Ravello Foundation don’t respect intellectual freedom And they ignore the values ​​of culture,” Scorati wrote in the letter to the board of directors. “As a man of culture, and above all, as a free man, I chose to resign as president.” In recent days, the Ravello Foundation first called on Thursday, June 17 and then canceled the press conference To present the bill, formally due to the “obligations of some of the participants”.

But the delay was not enough to prevent the case from erupting. “I imagined President De Luca receiving the guest list of the Ravello Festival and seeing my name appear in the last days of August,” began Roberto Saviano in the video that then imitated the former mayor of Salerno, saying: “Ah, here is Roberto Saviano. Scorati to himself by inviting him. In my house, Roberto Saviano. It does not exist, it must be abolished.” “More or less – added the writer – I think Don Vincenzo, the sheriff did it. He who considers Campania his own, his kingdom, would like to be king of Naples. Well, perhaps he will succeed, but not now.” Saviano then explained that he had been invited to the Ravello Festival and that his participation would be free. “When Chief De Luca announces the name niet, in this case I not only believe in my case, but he immediately suggests: ‘If he is not my friend, he is your friend, and you cannot use the festival to invite your friends. Then Saviano explained that “I will not go to the Ravello Festival, I hope to go to Ravello soon, the land that I love, whose beauty does not depend on the region of Campania, the administrators and rulers, they only inherited the beauty, they did not make it. rather. They poison her. Once again, a festival that would have been wonderful, wonderful land, conditioned on the factions.”

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Scorati’s reaction was not long: irreversible resignations and noises destined to leave important repercussions.