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Bad weather: Agrigento prefect, maximum warning Do not go out – Sicily

“Mediterranean vortex near the northern part of the province”

“The Mediterranean cyclone is currently melting in the ocean, but it’s very close to the northern part of the Aguirre region. In the next few hours – starting tonight – a strong wave of storms is expected to approach, with wind speeds”. This was stated by the Prefect of Agrigento Maria Rita Cocciufa in connection with the wave of severe bad weather “A heartfelt request to all Agrigento residents living in every country: do not get in the car and leave the house, the situation is very, very dangerous”. “The wave of severe weather is affecting the northern part of the province,” Prefect explains. According to the information at my disposal, with good probability, even if we talk about unpredictable weather, the wave of bad weather will get closer to Aguirre and it will arrive at night. ” “I make a heartfelt request – Prefect concludes – that all the people of Agrijento are clear to all, the inhabitants of every country: do not get out of the house in a car. Do not leave the house, the condition is great, very, very dangerous.”

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