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Climate, US-China agreement: "Let's cooperate"

Climate, US-China agreement: “Let’s cooperate”

The United States and China have signed a joint declaration strengthening climate actionCop26’s Beijing spokeswoman Xie Zhenhua said in Glasgow that the two countries should “think big and be responsible”, as well as “tackle climate change aggressively and through cooperation” will bring enormous benefits to the people of the world.

Both countries reaffirmed their commitments made in Paris and pledged to transition to “strengthened climate action” in recent years. Since January, representatives of the two countries have worked together on the agreement with 30 virtual meetings. “China and the United States are panicking over the research and further recognizing the gravity and urgency of the climate crisis,” the declaration said.

Both sides want to work together on the regulatory framework on environmental standards to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the 1920s, to increase the benefits to society by switching to green energy, and policies to promote electrification of decorbonization and end-use sectors, with a significant increase in temperature in key sectors related to green economy, such as green design. .

“Both countries consider Action has been taken to control and reduce this emissions as needed in the coming years“Before COP27, both sides are taking further steps to strengthen the control of methane emissions, and noted that China is committed to developing a comprehensive national action plan on methane” to achieve a significant effect and reduce emissions “in the 1920s. Is committed to reducing and “making great efforts to expedite this work.

I welcome today’s agreement between the United States and China UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres tweets to work together for more ambitious climate action this decade. Coping with the climate crisis requires international cooperation and solidarity, which is an important step in the right direction.

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“Cooperation is essential” in the climate between the US and China. This was underlined by US Special Envoy John Kerry, who announced in Glasgow with the joint declaration that “we have reached a new point” and that the agreement marks a “road map” for the future. According to Kerry, the United States and China have agreed to “work together to control methane emissions” and that “Beijing ‘s commitment to develop a comprehensive and ambitious national action plan on methane will have a significant impact on the climate crisis.” “There are no differences between the United States and China – said the Biden administration’s ambassador – but in the climate, cooperation is the only way to do the job.” In COP26, Kerry underscored that China and the United States had “made the choice to work together” and said they were “satisfied” with the agreement reached in Glasgow between the two countries to strengthen climate action over the next decade. “I hope the steps we have taken will answer questions about China’s path and help accelerate the efforts of China and the United States and other countries,” he said.

According to President Joe Biden’s ambassador, Beijing and Washington had two options before them: they could leave COP26 without working together, “surprise the world about the future” or “stay here, increase ambitions and start moving in the right direction.”