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Grande Fratello Vip, decisione Ricciarelli: autori e conduttore divisi, l'indiscrezione

Authors and conductors divided, indiscretion

In the past few hours, heated meetings have taken place between the owner and executives of Mediaset: not everyone wants to exclude Katia Ricciarelli from the Big Brother Vip.

Rumors swirl about the next date with Sixth big brotherp, on the air tomorrow, Friday January 7 Prime time on Canale 5. There is great anticipation and excitement as to what the authors will decide Katia Ricciarelli: Command, disqualification, or simple reprimand? The air caught fire inside and outside the house. Some competitors, in the absence of an allotment, have threatened to leave, and the same is true of some of my ex-Givini. Jessica Selassie He stated that if there is no reproach, He will leave the house. previous gifs, Clarissa Selassie, Patricia Pellegrino, Patricia Pellegrino, Sami Yusuf and appointed Stephens They would put themselves in the center of the stage in protest if the opera singers were not punished. In short, the atmosphere is very tense and everyone expects an attitude from the authors and the conductor.

GF Vip, Ricciarelli’s Decision: Authors and Conductors Divided, Recklessness

On Twitter, Profile monster agent toss thesexy indiscretion. According to what was actually revealed, the maestro Alfonso Signorini, would like to take Verdict against Lolo Selassie, not against Katia Ricciarelli.

Several heated meetings have already taken place on this issue. As usual, two factions: on the one hand, producers want Katia Ricciarelli removed due to sponsor pressure and complaints, to the opposition, Signorini requiring action only for Lulu, “hit one to educate them all”. is an area. The authors are divided between those who call Katya of the caste to moderate language if she wants to continue to be protected and those who oppose Lulu’s punishment “because the girl and others may react very poorly to other treatment of inequality”.

Farewell to shepherds no longer sounds like fake news, but rather a bitter truth. Many brands have abandoned themselves and are waiting for action in this regard. It is really hoped that there will be no ‘other treatment of inequality’.

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