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Manuel and Lulu will go live together after GF Vip / Him: "It's safe now..."

Manuel and Lulu will go live together after GF Vip / Him: “It’s safe now…”

Manuel Borzozo and Lulu Selassie, the couple born during the current version of the Big Brother Vip seem to have an increasingly solid foundation, day by day: in these hours, in fact, Borzozo It was announced, on the occasion of a conversation with Natalie Caldonazzo, that he and the “Princess” would live together at the end of the experiment on the reality show Canale 5 hosted by Alfonso Signorini. An astonishing revelation, especially considering that at the beginning of their dating journey, there were numerous moments of misunderstanding and tension between the two, with Manuel repeatedly distancing himself from the young woman.

Then, the sudden gear change gave way to an even more intense passion and honest feeling between Manuel and Lulu. Thus, matured with the blueness of swimming Lulu Selassie Decision of the future together under one roof. Viewers learned this on the sidelines of a speech regarding the impending exit from the House of Athletes, who needs to train and take care of himself more regularly than he has (hasn’t) done in the past four months. Lulu confirmed with a sad atmosphere: “How can I do without my love, me?”. Laughing he said: “I have a bat mobile waiting device…”.

MANUEL and LUL , coexisting after GF VIP: “It’s time to fix some things…”

At that point, Nathalie Caldonazzo, sitting next to Lulu, asked Manuel Portozzo: “Do you leave her here alone?”. However, he had no doubts about the answer to that “She’s a strong woman, she can do it, she can do anything”. Caldonazzo looked at the princess, then said to her: “You will never resist…”However, Manue Bortuzzol is a completely different opinion (“Yes, but”). So much so that he specified right afterwards: “When we go out we practically go to live together, so, imagine…”.

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amazed and happy for Manuel Borzozo and Lulu Selassie Caldonazzo:Have you decided?. “But yeah, sure – Bortuzzo immediately replied –. Time to fix some things…”. Turning to Lulu Selassiè, Natalie commented excitedly: “See what a beautiful project? He’s a tough guy.”. “Yes darling…”La Selassie commented.

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