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Do you remember them all?  How nostalgic

Do you remember them all? How nostalgic

Are you nostalgic for the 80s? Here are the bikes that Italians loved most at that time. The upper stroke prevailed.

It seems that we are talking about another world, and perhaps this is exactly the case. The 1980s are very far away, but they remain in the hearts of manyEspecially since the automobile and motorcycle sector has taken a different direction now.

Motorcycles of the 1980s –

Technology has made vehicles increasingly automated and therefore easier to drive, while the need to reduce pollution has led to the spread of electric motors, which, besides eliminating emissions, have made sound null and replaced by hissing.

It is worth noting that if battery-powered cars are still struggling to achieve great success, especially in Italy, motorcycles are favored by manufacturers. For those who prefer tradition, we will offer a gift, remembering some models that made history, but above all were appreciated by the centaurs of the country.

Motorcycles from the 80s, nostalgic process is presented

The big star of that decade was the Piaggio group, which, with Aprilia, recorded a sales boom. In particular, he was the one who hoarded the number of recordings Six 125 In 1982, it proved to be the brand’s off-road vehicle of choice. Officially introduced in 1981, it featured a closed double body made of steel tubes, with an engine built by Hero and capable of expressing 20 hp and a top speed of 120 km/h.

With the STX 125 Go up a step. It is the natural evolution of the model that had just been explored, already launched in 1983. Equipped with a livery and an impressive white and red colour, it was the object of desire among young people. The equipment includes an expansion drain.

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With the SAR 125 We jump to 1985. The absolute novelty here is the single-cylinder, liquid-cooled Rotax with forced circulation and automatic mixer. With a RAVE exhaust, power delivery is progressive. There are 26 horsepower and the gas top speed is 140 km/h.

In 1987 the AF1 108 project debuted With single-side swing arm and adjustable fork with anti-sinking system. Powered by Rotax it reaches speeds of up to 160 km/h. It is a motorcycle that evokes the spirit of racing. The steel perimeter frame is inspired by the frame used by Loris Reggiani in the World Championship.

It’s also definitely sporty AF1 Summary. The year is 1988 and for the first time we see 17-inch tyres, an inverted fork and a 320mm disc brake with a four-piston caliper up front. From 30 hp, it reaches a speed of approximately 170 km/h. It will be replaced by Centesi Sport 1989.