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Artificial Intelligence creates scary drawings for you: discover the 4 sites that illustrators don’t want you to know about!

Artificial Intelligence creates scary drawings for you: discover the 4 sites that illustrators don’t want you to know about!

Now AI can create beautiful designs across four little-known websites that anyone can use.

In the current era, an artificial brain can do anything, in fact it is used to conceive new forms of design, write movie scripts, recreate people’s faces and voices, and above all, to replace some workers in companies. Briefly, It’s almost a sci-fi machine Which is gradually revolutionizing the world. However, despite appearing to be the technology of the future, the discipline that studies and creates artificial intelligence has a very ancient origin.

Artificial intelligence creates graphics –

In fact, its birth date dates back to 1956, although there was a primitive machine doing the calculations many centuries before that. In fact, in 1623, a German scientist created a device capable of performing mathematical calculations, while in 1642 Blaise Pascal created a machine capable of performing operations by automatic relay.

The four sites that make great designs

As everyone knows, one of the best capabilities of AI is the ability to create visual content, such as photos and videos, starting exclusively from a simple text description. Therefore, thanks to artificial intelligence, everyone can Generate an image of a dream landscapeOr a beautiful forest or even something with roots in surrealism. How can this be achieved? Naturally, the artificial brain needs information and inspiration to be able to visualize a simple action or image. So, the key is to provide the AI ​​with the characteristics of what you want to achieve.

Programs with AI create graphics
Creating images using artificial intelligence –

The artificial intelligence will then search for shapes, colors and effects that match the requests submitted. Fortunately, there are a few sites available that can create these beautiful AI-generated images, some of them are Midjourney, DALL-E, Canva, and Adobe FireFly. The first is one of the best image generators that use artificial intelligence, In fact it is recommended for all professionals. The most surprising thing about this program is its perfection: the created image looks very accurate, precise and very realistic. However, Midjourney requires you to pay a subscription to use it.

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Another recommended program is DALL-E, developed by OpenAI (the company that also created ChatGPT): it is an excellent image generator, very simple, intuitive and, above all, free. Obviously, Canva can’t be missing from the list; Because it is one of the most popular. In fact, it is used by both beginners and professionals. Continuing the list of the best image generators, it is possible to use Adobe FireFly: in addition to creating images using artificial intelligence, it offers the possibility of modifying them through advanced features, which improve the quality and coloring of the final product.