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“an experience”.  Charlotte's hair and the rocks and those details that don't add up

“an experience”. Charlotte's hair and the rocks and those details that don't add up

London, March 11, 2024 – After doubts, comes… Palace confirmation: the picture From the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, It was officially photographed for the first time Since the mysterious abdominal operation last January Retouched. The photo – taken by Prince William – was shared yesterday to mark mother's Day, which in the United Kingdom falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Those fond of the royal family, but above all more astute observers, have noticed some of this Contradictions In the shot, such as Charlotte's sleeve being blurred and the imperfections in her skirt.

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Kate Middleton questions the official photo. Agencies retract it: “It was manipulated”

Not only that: it was Kate herself who retouched the shot: “Like many amateur photographers, Sometimes I experiment with editing. I want to express apologetic He said in a statement issued by Kensington Palace: “We apologize for any confusion this family photo published yesterday may cause.”

the Press Association – British Multimedia News Agency – It was spot on Express doubts About the authenticity of the photo, he asks “Urgent clarifications” At Buckingham Palace. afterAbsence of explanationsThe Palestinian Authority withdrew the photo, and other news agencies later followed suit.

As mentioned D daily Mailthere Sixteen “defects” Which shows that the image of the princess has been retouched, including Charlotte's hair that suddenly ended on her right shoulder, and the stones on the ground appeared distorted and miscellaneous. Blurry hands.

At the beginning of last week, Kate was photographed in the car with her mother, Carole Middleton: the first “stolen” snapshot of the operation.

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And at the same time they continue Doubts about returning On the public square of the princess, who is still recovering in the family's country residence. Initially, Buckingham Palace said the Queen's future obligations would be honored After EasterBut a note on the British Army's website – later deleted – marked his “first general appointment” to the British Army Paratha In honor of Charles III, Rapporteur On June 8th.