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Michel Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti at the gym together to do karate

Michel Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti at the gym together to do karate

  • The presenter and singer, who were married from 1998 to 2009, are now good friends
  • It was he who introduced her to a certain specialty of martial arts

For years after their relationship ended, they barely spoke to each other. Although today Michael Hunziker And the Eros Ramazzotti I great friends. Not only because they have a daughter together, Aurora, who is now 25, but also because they share different interests. In particular, they are both fans of martial arts. are practicing Kyokushinkai Karate. It was Eros who introduced Michele to this discipline last year.

Eros Ramazzotti, 58, at the gym with ex-wife Michele Hunziker, 45

The 58-year-old believed that the 45-year-old could benefit from this type of training to de-stress and fight stress in a very delicate moment: Tommaso TrussardiWhich happened just last year. And now, the former couple, who were married from 1998 to 2009, often find themselves in the gym together. They also share the same teacher.

Michelle trains while Eros sits in the lower right corner and shoots her with his smartphone

In the past few hours, both of them have been posting some pictures on their Instagram profiles that seem to be struggling with karate moves next to each other. For the joy of the daughter Aurora, who recently said that he is very happy with his parents’ closeness. However, it’s friendship and nothing more: Mish is happily linked to the Doctor and former “Big Brother” rival. Giovanni Angiolini.

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