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America is waiting for a new “event”.

America is waiting for a new “event”.

Victor Vembaniyama is already a memory. The highly anticipated French prospect was selected first overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, one of the most anticipated moments in recent years. But before his professional career begins, he already sees the future of pro basketball in America Now the most talked about name is Cooper Flag.

Cooper flag is already “the next big thing”

In the United States there are very few opportunities to look carefully, If the class enters the draft in 2024 It’s not something that creates more “hype”, just move the horizon a little further. In recent months, the level of attention around Cooper flag has been increasing: originally the 17-year-old from Maine has been under the watcher’s eye for some time, but has raised the level of coherence this summer.

The 207-centimeter winger was considered a top prospect in the 2025 class at the end of his rookie season. Nokomis Regional High SchoolThen the past tense The prestigious Monteverde Acadamuy in Florida. Finally burst into the NBPA Top 100 this summer in Orlando, Florida.

Endless statement: Flag rolls his eyes

Flag’s recent performance has certainly convinced the audience: The Maine native’s offensive stuff is off the charts, he makes baskets from three levels and already has a physique that allows him to dominate his peers. A few weeks ago at Beach Jam he closed with spacey numbers: Averaged 25.4 points, 13 rebounds and nearly 7 blocks. The stats that put him at the center of the debate are already causing a fight among colleges looking to recruit him.

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Flagg is ahead of his time: He’s reclassifying himself in the 2024 class

Flagg, who was born in late December 2006, has long been put off by what class to fit into the college year. It has long been one for 2025, and just a few days ago decided to join 2024. At the end of this season he will be able to choose which college to play for Lord (favourite at the moment), Yukon, Kansas and Kentucky But they are in pursuit. If there is not to be a sensational “jumps back”, Flagg should already be a candidate and be the first choice. 2025 NBA Draft.

Source: IPA