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Meteo Cronaca diretta: (Video) Terremoto Marche, incredibile filmato della propagazione dell

(Video) Marche earthquake, incredible video of seismic wave propagation »

MEDIA LIVE REPORT: (VIDEO) Marche earthquake, incredible video of seismic wave propagation

National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (I.N.G.V) created a miracle Animation of the campaign on the surface of the earth Seismic waves Created by Earthquake Occurred at 7:07 am Italy on 9 November 2022 (magnitude Mw = 5.5) March beach Pesaro is about 31 km from Fano and 35 km from Pesaro.

Blue color indicates downward movement of soil and red color indicates upward movement of soil, according to a report on the research institute’s YouTube channel. The color scale instead indicates different values ​​of vertical speed (m/s): the more intense the blue (red), the faster the ground moves downward (upward). Each second of animation represents one second of real time.

The animation shows the uneven distribution of ground velocities, meaning that equal points from the center do not experience the same pressure. This can significantly affect its spread due to local conditions (topography, soil type, etc.). Seismic waves. For example, incompressible soil such as silt induces seismic wave amplification phenomena that are more pronounced than compact rock.

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