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“Let’s remove the soul from the village, let’s drink a new drink”

“Let’s remove the soul from the village, let’s drink a new drink”

Traces of ancient farmhouses. An isolated church. Beyond the boundary wall is a small Madonna that can only be glimpsed from the street. Next, the Viale Monza Milan offers a vibrant life that doesn’t stop even in August. “If anything, it’s slower. But it’s the perfect time to soak in the beauty of an ancient village that, in other seasons, might be a little more overlooked by outsiders. Even from another neighborhood.” It was the voice of some citizens met Pre-cookedA former municipality in the north-east of Milan, first annexed KorlaIn 1920, then in 1923, it was merged into a metropolis with ten other former belt boroughs.

What happened to it a century after incorporation? We went around the area Korla-pre-cooked. The two centers joined forces in an attempt to avoid hostilities and kept hostilities asideConnecting with Milan It has already affected the nearby municipality of Touro. In fact, they wanted to retain their autonomy, which they had for three years. Towards the end of the 19th century, Korla began to transform itself from a rural center to an industrial area. A “Little Paris” rather than overlooking the villas Martesana He gradually added buildings born to house the workers of the new factories.

And pre-cooked, traditionally Agriculture Land, it was a small village. Among the dates to remember, 20 October 1944: Korla and Pregoto districts were hit by an unprecedented bombardment with 80 tonnes of explosives. For elementary school Francis Crispy 184 children, 14 teachers, 4 watchmen and a health worker died in Korla. A preface Rosmini Primary SchoolThen Vail Monza was in 255 (later rebuilt via Matte) and experienced its tragedy with three deaths: two guards and a parent who returned to the shelter to check that no one was there.

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Among the oldest documents, Bregoto is mentioned in one of the mid-twelfth century Bull of Pope Eugene III, “bulcactum,” etc., derived from praetium , “farm, land,” and “cooked,” referring to the firing of bricks, indicating the presence of kilns. Grand Avenue and nearby construction Railway line Mark a turning point.

And today? “It still exists District-City, a community where we feel connected to each other. Among the facts that keep relationships alive, The San Filippo Neri Cooperative And this Parish of San Michael Archangel“, underlines Paolo Schura of the children’s clothing store “La Bottega di Chichi”. “I beg you”, the Citizens Association unites three districts: Villa San Giovanni, Brigotto and Corla. “We encourage integration between people, we want to enliven the neighborhood and create a network between the different realities that already exist,” he explains. Matthew Griego, among the founders; On the Facebook page you can also see the peculiarities and curiosities of these places by photographing them in different seasons.

A simple atmosphere and family atmosphere can be breathed in trattorias. is there “The Madonna” Via Cislaghi, “Founded in 1978 by my father Antonio and my mother Incoronata. It is a reference for workers at lunchtime and young people in the evening”.

At Field Monza, at Restaurant San Filippo Neri“The most requested dish Milanese Monteglii. But beyond the food, it’s the atmosphere that makes them happy: we’re like a village square”, says 44-year-old Mario Zanotta, whose family has run the place for 32 years. And there’s something new: “We created New BitterThe Sanfilippo, made according to my recipe at a distillery in Lange. It’s sweet compared to the traditional, thanks to the cinnamon”. Historic, then, Brand name Viel: His ice cream is also a hit at Pregoto. “It’s a neighborhood where human connection is still more important than anything else,” he says Louis D’Amico. He would serve ice cream and recommend books to read. “I even wrote one.” Another surprise in an always stunning area.

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