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Ambra Angiolini does not appear at the book fair and evaluates legal action against Striscia la Notizia: "illegal interference and provocation"

Ambra Angiolini does not appear at the book fair and evaluates legal action against Striscia la Notizia: “illegal interference and provocation”

The ‘A state of Golden Tapir to Ambra Angulini Thickens with details and background. As reported by Courier service, in fact, the Romanian actress lawyer – Valeria de Felice and Daniela Misaglia – announced yesterday October 16 in a note that “they will evaluate each other to the best of their ability.” An initiative to protect their customers Taking into account theUnlawful interference and the aftermath A special and painful relationship on the part of Mr. Valerio Staveli (Reporter stripping newsAnd so)”.

As the two lawyers dispute, The statement in which the program stated – in response to the Minister of Equal Opportunities and the family of Elena Bonetti – that Angiolini was in a sense “agrees”. After the legal notice is posted, section Post a reply, where” the golden tapir always “speaks”, with the first person pronoun: “I was limited to telling what is visible to everyone in the video posted on our site, as evidence of any denial. The desire to turn the episode into a television series is obvious. ” what if Massimiliano Allegri Try throwing water on the fire, on the other hand, the case did not have an indifferent resonance elsewhere.

Yesterday, October 16, Ambra Angiolini was supposed to co-present the book ‘olive money by Viola Ardon Al Turin Book Fair. Instead it did not appear. The decision was communicated at the beginning of the meeting from boss Enaudi Free Style, Paolo Repetti, who explained: “Ambra liked this book very much, but to save her and her daughter from the media hype prevalent these days, as a publishing house, along with her press office, we decided together that she should stay in Milan. Obviously, we apologize for this change.” Will you end here? hard to believe.

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