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Number of episodes, cast, location, replay, plot

Number of episodes, cast, location, replay, plot

Give Tonight October 17 Rai 1 fans will be able to enjoy a new medical drama, hearts. The TV series is set in the 1960s in Turin at Le Molinette Hospital It is dedicated to the team of doctors who took the initial steps towards the revolution of heart surgery at that time With the first heart transplant.

Therefore, the title fully reflects the theme of the TV series but does not exclude others, such as, for example, the title Amorous ups and downs in which the heroes themselves participate. fantasy one Co-produced by Rai Fiction and Aurora TV Banijay In cooperation with the Rai Production Center in Turin and with the support of the Turin Piemonte Film Commission.

The series is directed by Ricardo Donna It will broadcast in prime time and consist of eight events. Except for the differences in the table It should end on Sunday 5th December.

Who are the actors?

Many in the cast Notable actors, First of all, the protagonists themselves. Daniel Beachy In fact, he will play the role of the chief physician at Le Molinette Hospital in Turin, César Corvara. with him too Pilar Fogliatti As Delia Brunello, Specialist Cardiac Surgeon H Matthew Martari In Alberto Ferraris, a talented young pupil of Corvara, loves to push the boundaries of his passion for medicine.

And again on the cast: Andrea Gherbelli who plays Enrico Mosca, chief surgeon at Le Molinette; Bianca Panconi as Virginia Corvara, the daughter of Elementary; Carmine Bushini As Fausto Alfieri, a deeply held apprentice to Cesare and Alberto. Then Marco Bonini Like Ferruccio Bonomo, the ward’s anesthesiologist; Carola Staniaro It’s Sister Fiorenza. Neva Leoni It’s nurse Serinella Rinaldi. Benedita Simati He plays Alberto’s sister, Luisa Ferraris and Laura Adriani She lends her face to Eva Pellegrini, a gynecologist from Le Molinette and a colleague of Delia since her college days.

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Several actors were employed in the cast: 46 local actors and actresses In minor roles, along with as many as 1,900 characters used during filming. They were also part of the main cast as well Jaya MeseklingerLike Agata, Alberto’s Swedish lover, Simona Nasi as Elvira e Piero Cardano Who lent his face to Riccardo Tosi.

Where was it filmed?

view hearts They were shot in many places in Turin. Filming started on September 14th They touched Dukes Dora, Cisterna PalaceTurin Esposizione, Cavaleriza Reale, Valentino Castle and ParkArmida Rowing Club Carignano Theatre, Gallery of Subalpine and Roman Cinema, Monte dei Cappuccini, Faculty of Anatomy.

There was no shortage of Location out of town, Such as The village of Le Mans in Coligno and the Devil’s Bridge in Lanzhou. Among themFormer Ribery Military Hospital which played a major role in “dressing up” the exterior of Molinette Hospital, while all the building’s interiors were reconstructed in lomic studies. Inside the two acoustic stages, photographers reconstructed operating rooms, waiting rooms and hospital corridors.


hearts It will be available on broadcast Ray’s play, as it usually happens with all the fairy tales on the network. Episodes are usually uploaded to the parallel platform for streaming.

the plot

Cesar Corvara He is the chief physician at Le Molinette Hospital in Turin. He has a big dream: to revolutionize Italian medicine in the 1960s by making it happen The first heart transplant in history. That is why he decided to gather a medical team suitable for the goal. Among those there are Alberto Ferraris, an accomplished and passionate surgeon, leaves Stockholm to devote himself to work; And also, Delia Brunello. The surgeon is leaving Houston for the same reason. However, it will not be easy to confirm that he is inside the hospital. Patients do not trust a female doctor, colleagues view her with suspicion and Alberto is especially hostile.

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While Enrico Mosca, the chief surgeon, looks suspiciously at the new team. In fact, he would like to replace the primaries for a while and only highlight it. Thus began a series of twists between intrigues, work, love and passions that narrate the adventures of those who, at that time, changed the fate of medicine in Italy.