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Amazon Packages, All the Details About the Teeth Brushing Scam: Pay Attention

Amazon Packages, All the Details About the Teeth Brushing Scam: Pay Attention

Received a mysterious package from Amazon that you didn’t order? It could be part of a teeth cleaning scam on Amazon.

Amazon Teeth Brushing Scam –

the Fraud scams They aim to generate Fake positive reviews. In effect, you receive a package that Amazon did not order, usually without a return address. The scammers then write a fake review using your information to show that you are an approved buyer and thus increase their sales. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Amazon Teeth Brushing Scam: What is it?

the Fraud scams It occurs when incorrect companies send packages with their products to unsuspecting customers. The unwanted package arrives directly to your home, with no return address. Fraudulent packages are often sent from China.

These packages can contain anything from flower seeds to Bluetooth speakers. The goal is to get you to leave an online review that increases the company’s sales and profits. Some companies even publish one Fake review of their products making it look like you wrote it.

Online shopping –

Even if the company posts fake reviews, most buyers He can’t tell the difference. When potential customers see a product with great reviews and many sales, they can be convinced to make a purchase.

While receiving packages for free may seem tempting, it will be less tempting when you discover that your shipping data has been obtained through marketing companies or databases, or, in a worst-case scenario, a data breach that could involve sensitive information like yours. Bank account and account passwords.

How to avoid scams on Amazon

If the company uses your company Address without specific permission If you suspect fraudulent activity, we recommend that you address it immediately.

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First, check your credit card and bank account details: Most of us think that credit cards are safe by default, but there are many scammers who do all kinds of things to get into bank accounts. Therefore, it is advisable to monitor your credit card and bank statements and always check for fees Suspicious activities. If you see something that doesn’t make sense, contact your bank immediately.

Change passwords and add two-factor authentication. To create a good password, use one A combination of letters, Characters And Preparation. Adding two-factor authentication provides a An extra level of securityIt requires completing two steps to prove your identity.

Install antivirus software To protect your data and device from malware and scammers. Some are equipped Additional features – Such as password managers – which can help you protect your personal information by securely storing your login credentials.