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Amarena bear shot dead in Abruzzo

Amarena bear shot dead in Abruzzo

Amarena was shot dead by a man on the outskirts of Bear San Benedetto dei Marsi, outside the park and contiguous area. The National Park posted this news on its Facebook page.

Park rangers immediately intervened on the spot, giving them the area where Amarena had gone down with her puppies. The park’s veterinarian intervened but could only pronounce the bear dead given the severity of the injury.

The man was identified by park rangers and later subjected to findings by the Carabinieri of the local station.

Abruzzo is among tourists with Amarena bear cubs

“Investigations to determine the dynamics of the facts are underway and will continue throughout the night, as park staff are busy identifying two bear cubs to assess what to do,” the park continues. “The episode is a very serious fact, it causes enormous damage to the population of about sixty specimens, affecting one of the most prolific females in the history of the park. There is no reason to justify the episode given Amarena. , while causing damage to agricultural and biotechnological activities, always and in any case, of the continuous area Although out of bounds and offset by the park, it does not create any kind of problem for man.”