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From March in South Africa for an ear problem - Libero Quotidiano

From March in South Africa for an ear problem – Libero Quotidiano

Princess Charlene hasn’t been to Monte Carlo in months. She’s stuck in South Africa, officially for health reasons, but rumors of her split from Albert of Monaco – who keeps their two children with him – are getting more and more persistent. Charlene’s case Title on the cover Paris MatchRe-launch the hypothesis of a possible divorce. Charlene flew to Sudadrika in March for the funeral of the Zulu King. Her aides released a statement claiming that the princess had an ear infection that prevented her from boarding the plane.

The princess took refuge in a nature reserve Three hundred kilometers from Durban. “He’s dealing with a unicorn, his new passion,” wrote Paris Match, who posts pictures of Charlene on a video call with her twins, Jack and Gabriella, born in 2014. “Her look was already sad, and now she seems to be lost,” he declared. Stefan Bern, an expert journalist on matters of royal families. Comments on the psychological “fragility” of the South African princess who did not really enter the role of candidate through the palace.

2020 was a “difficult” year for the princess, as a Brazilian woman residing in Italy launched a procedure to see the alleged illegitimate son of the recognized king. Sixteen-year-old boy When Charlene and Alberto were already married. The Prince of Monaco already has two children born out of wedlock.

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