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Albano and Loredana Licesso Dinner with Madonna: A Carisi Gesture

Albano and Loredana Licesso Dinner with Madonna: A Carisi Gesture


Cellino San Marco singer and his partner were happy to meet the Queen of Pop

Attend the Madonna in Puglia It did not go unnoticed. The pop star of Italian descent chose the south of the peninsula to celebrate her 63rd birthday. However, not everyone knows that the singer knew Albano Caresi and his partner Loredana Lecheso. As Dagospeia says, the couple met Mrs. Ciccone at an event.

A meeting that impressed both Albano and Loredana Lecceso. After all, it’s not every day that you find yourself having dinner with one of the most famous artists in the world, the one who undoubtedly made pop music history. During the event, apparently, Carisi left his mark: in the presence of Madonna and other guests he sang his famous song, Happiness. A world-famous song that delighted the pop star and all those present.

at the moment Neither Albano nor Loredana Lichiso has released statements on this matter. In this period, the singer from Cellino San Marco is evaluating some job offers. After earning La notte della taranta behaviour, the 78-year-old is in talks with Milly Carlucci to co-star in the remake of Dancing with the Stars. On the other hand, a few years ago Lecciso decided to leave the world of television to devote herself to her family.

Madonna’s holiday in Puglia

Madonna has arrived in Puglia With her boyfriend of 26 years, Dancer your dreams WilliamsSome family members and friends. A united and cohesive group to celebrate the birthday of Louise Veronica Sekon. The singer, actress and director organized an exclusive party at a luxury resort in the Brindisi region.

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Madonna visited her favorite district, often wandering on foot like an ordinary tourist, and then took a historical train. Ciccone documented everything on Instagram, posting stories with some in the background Claudio Villa songs.

Madonna also stopped in Lecce and Ostuni: Between one trip and another, I stopped singing Bella Chow With a group of Bolian musicians.