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“Absence of Xi is a mistake”, “We are not the ones who left the Paris Agreement”: Allegations between the US and China on the sidelines of COP26


Xi Jinping One did Big mistake Should not come ”,“ being is not us Come out of the Paris Agreement“. United States e China The charges are exchanged at dawn on the third day Cop 26, UN Climate Conference in Glasgow until November 12. A case born out of the words of Joe Biden mocked the (yet to be announced) absence of a Chinese president at the summit: “China is trying to establish itself as a new global leader and Does not show, But come (“come”, an expression of paradoxical suspicion, Ed) Climate is the most important issue in the world everywhere, from Iceland to Australia Great stuff And China He did not want to be there. How do you do all this cool stuff and still be in the lead? The same goes for Putin, “he said. Then reiterate: “China, the truth Russia And thisSaudi Arabia“Not represented at the highest level”That’s a problem. We came and by doing so we had a profound impact on the way the world sees America. I sincerely believe that China has made a big mistake by not coming now Other parts of the world see them He wonders what extra value they give.

The Beijing ambassador to the United Nations responded hours after the allegations, Zhang Jun. He also teased: “We need a firm commitment and consistent action against climate change. Unnecessary here: Empty slogans, Constantly changing political choices, Parades of cars and luxury entourage, Irresponsibly infecting citizens “. Note 85 ancillary vehicles Biden traveled the streets of Rome during the G20 show. “The Chinese president Spoke at the meeting To expose China’s solutions to climate change (in writing only, Ed) ”, The diplomat continues. “The Chinese delegation is in person. China has declared its own Peak emission And its own neutral intentions, it reveals Action plans e Policies. Our successes Widely recognized“And he concludes:” China has sincerely supported climate change. We have not withdrawn from the Paris Agreement. Retreats several times On climate policies. instead Release the blame, Must accept their responsibilities and Do something concrete“.

Focuses on the third day of the summit Climate finance: 120 heads of state and government leave Scotland Representatives And to delegates Companies And Financial institutions. Gfanz (Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero), an alliance of banks and climate funds, met last April at the UN Climate and Finance Agency. Initiated by the Ambassador. Mark Carney, Currently has over membership 450 companies Representing $ 130 trillion Assets, 40% of global finance capital. At the time of its launch, Gfanz covered $ 70 trillion worth of companies. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Carney said we need to fight the climate crisis.Trillion dollars a year Investments in developing countries. International projects need to be aligned with national programs, ”he explained, adding that“ for this reason new ones are needed Financial structures icea, Public and Private Integration Sites “.

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