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Guerrero, from Perzani to La7: "Do they want early elections? Tragi was not sent to the mountains to go to the polls."

Guerrero, from Perzani to La7: “Do they want early elections? Tragi was not sent to the mountains to go to the polls.”

Tracy in Guernsey? The constitution seems to be tightening here. We may decide to do something else. But as long as this is the case it is better to keep the train on the track that brought us here, because if you leave the track, you can get the impression that you are going at a speed of 200 meters. But you are going against a wall ”. Words spoken “Return” (La7) By sub LeU Pier Luigi Bersani, Who adds: “I am not saying it is unconstitutional, but a Exceptionalism It is a fact that one thinks of both the extension of the presidency and the presidency of the Council. Exceptional things can also be achieved in the event of a dramatic crisis, but I oppose the fact that we did not start from normal.

Persani adds: “Normal thing: after 7 years the president expires and you have to find something that everyone wants, but if you want to bring down a government, there is a parliament. Should they go and snatch Tracy’s trust to vote? They unleash confidence in parliament because our constitution says so. The Queen did not send him to go and vote. Who should drive? Fratelli d’Italia has been saying this for some time, but there are other parties that support this government and are eager to leave – he concludes – because the history of politics teaches us that you do it when you are in trouble. Homeworkers who do not know how to solve your problems, congregate, go to conflict or conflict. Early elections have often been the medicine for infighting, Acceleration to avoid paying obligations. So, I don’t think the early poll was on the horizon for a big center-right and someone on the center-left.

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