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Small tips - America must stop supporting the adventure of its allies

Small tips – America must stop supporting the adventure of its allies

The Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear base Natanz has raised concerns in the United States because it risks blocking talks with Tehran initiated by the Biden administration in Vienna.

He writes about it National interest Alexander Langlois described the Israeli operation as “a blatant and unacceptable attempt to dismantle fair diplomatic negotiations and deepen Washington’s involvement in Middle East security.”

“This attack – he continues – represents a classic spoiler tactic [un’azione volta a rovinare un qualcosa ndr] It is designed to provoke a negative response from Tehran. “

In fact, it is an answer that could blow up the negotiating table, but now Tehran has chosen another option, announcing that it will intensify uranium enrichment to 60% (Langlois recalled, in any case we are still below the critical limit necessary to produce a nuclear bomb, which is 90%).

The sabotage by Israel in recent years, Langlois noted, “would violate international law and increase the power of the most radical Iranian factions, which have not hesitated to agree to any agreement with the United States.”

Langlois recalled that elections would be held in Tehran in June, and if talks were held in Vienna by that date, a broader dialogue on regional detention could be held in support of the moderates’ commitment.

Unconditional US support for its allies is devastating

Not only Israel, but other Middle Eastern countries that have joined the United States in recent years have also acted to destabilize the region, think of the war in Yemen or the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Lebanese Prime Minister Chad Hariri Issued by Riyadh.

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“In each case, they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine,” he said. […] Ensure the safety of Mena states [Medio Oriente e Nord Africa ndr.] To the detriment of American interests or to a wider peace. Mena states commit acts of violence because Washington executes them through its actions and protects them with its military resources. ”

In his note, Langlois is no nonsense, in fact he is very critical of Iran, so he writes “He did not justify the Iranian evil. […]. Rather, it is useful to understand that malicious activity is common to all states in the Middle East […]. Moreover, such an action would be supported and perpetuated by the notion that the United States would protect its allies in any case, whether it be against Iran or terrorism, the extent of unjust adventure or the violation of international law by its allies.

“Ultimately – he continues – the best way to quell hostility in the Washington region is to stop pretending to be the protector of some states, abandoning its role as a unilateral regional police force and use diplomacy to persuade states. [della regione] To establish dialogue and regional mechanisms. ”This is conducive to prevention.

All of this, according to Langlois, may have begun with the success of the Iranian nuclear deal. He concludes: Such attempts would have a better chance if the United States publicly rejected attempts to “initiate an open confrontation at the expense of the interests of the United States and innocent people” aimed at sabotaging dialogue and other frontal activities. Is trying to change its attitude towards the region in time ”.

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America for Israel: Do not damage the dialogue with Iran

Langlois’ final opinion is true, however Timezopisrale Reports suggest that Israel has received strong calls from the United States to refrain from exposing its sabotage operations against Iran because it is “dangerous and harmful, and embarrassing for the Biden administration to try to negotiate a return to Iran. The nuclear deal with Tehran.”

A call running in tandem with the initiative of Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Benny Kant, he launched an investigation into the leak. It is clear that there have been calls from the United States to avoid such acts, and it is clear that they will not be shut down or heard by the Israeli media. If that happens in the future, burying the belly is even sooner.

Another note from an Israeli newspaper is interesting, Harretz This time, it reports the contents of the U.S. intelligence community’s annual report. Under the heading Iran, the document refers to the usual facilities against Tehran, which, as usual, have been painted as a malicious factory and have been considered an enemy of the United States for many years.

Yet, despite this negative view of Tehran, it certainly suffers from anti-Iranian circles living in this “community.” The report states that “the US assessment that Iran no longer deals with the military aspects of its nuclear program remains unchanged.”

“The Iranians have abandoned some of the obligations that came from the treaty Nuclear of 2015 a Following the US withdrawal in 2018, however, their moves are reversible and they are keen to revive the agreement in exchange for lifting sanctions. ” In short, the alarms on the Iranian nuclear bomb are unfounded.

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