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New snowfall coming this week, all details 3B Meteo

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After the November snowfall in the Alps, Going below 1500 meters in some places, a new Atlantic is deteriorating Is already on us And means the day Wednesday. Again subject to the passage of the alpine bow, and will be engaged An Atlantic disturbance It reaches the Piedmont Mountains and the Asta Valley in the first hour of the day. It will quickly expand eastward Includes full alpine curve, Monday with a new snow load at a lower altitude than the storm. The cool air coming from the northern latitudes is really favorable Reducing rain-snow limit to less than 1500 meters, In the mid-western hemisphere up to 1200 m, but higher in the eastern Alps.

Especially between Verbano and Froley Viji the snow falls in abundance throughout the day. Still tends to decline in Western sectors. The scales fall in places like Cervinia, Madesimo, Livigno, Madonna de Campigilio and Monte Soncolon. At altitudes above 2000 meters, it is expected to accumulate up to half a meter Fresh snowfall in the Middle East.

Bright spells that will reduce the first disturbance on Thursday, and snow in the western Alps and the Middle East. However, this may include sections of the central-northern Apennines Weak snowfall but less than 2000 meters between Marseille, Abruzzo and Lazio.

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