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"No boring but rich *and yes?"

“No boring but rich *and yes?”

He attacks the older brother Vibe, Tommaso Zorzi Signorini and Ricciarelli: ‘Don’t worry, rich *and yes?’. It was a custom game that the authors designed to create dynamics during Episode 4, and in fact spirits in and out of the house really ramped up.

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during the week Katia Ricciarelli She offended the group for being called an exaggeration during a match she organized Sixth big brothers . To introduce her in this way Tommaso and Alex Bailey, one of Selassie’s sisters.

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(Courtesy of the Italy Press Office of Endemol Shine)

recipe “Boring“He’s offended Ricciarelli a lot during live on friday , It is to explain: “I like to have fun and I want to never be boring with my character. I’ve been traveling the world for 50 years, you don’t have my way, you dare talk about me».

Signorini also defends his student by “attacking” the boys from the house Big Brother VIP, The situation that the previous grand prize winner did not like Brother Vibe Tommaso Zorzi who attacks both: “Boring no but rich *and yes?”.

The Ricciarelli In fact, I used that term when talking to him Alex Bailey Commenting on the way she wears it. A term welcomed by Snorini and closed the letter as follows: “Don’t be slaves to political correctness, we have our pockets full of them».

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