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A cold Mediterranean cyclone remains active on Sunday with rain, thunderstorms and snow at very low elevations. Forecast « 3B Meteo

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Further The second part of the weekend, Sunday, It is characterized by its presence in the central Mediterranean basin A whirlwind Powered by Very cold currents of arctic extraction. Passive will gradually lose its properties Medicine After doingand falls on the coast of Marche It should gradually fill up during the day in the early hours of the night. Still waiting Widespread instability Temporary clears and showers in center and south or Snow extends to very low altitudes, even near plains and at night on the central Adriatic coast, especially in the Marche region. Maybe even the gods Snow storms. Tyrrhenian areas, Sardinia and northern areas will still be protectedI except Emilia Romagna. So let’s look at the forecast:

Weather Sunday: NorthEmilia Romagna, especially in Romagna and the Apennines with a few isolated occurrences, snow up to low altitudes, sunny or cloudy except for more consistent accumulations even in the plains in the morning. Center, widespread instability with rain and thunder in the Adriatic and Apennines, snow to very low altitudes, night and early morning in March and even on plains in Umbria. More variation affects Abruzzo. The Tyrrhenian regions are destroyed except for some brief rain between the low Lazio and the Apennines, snow up to low altitudes. South, indicating instability with intermittent rain and showers, inland and thunderstorms in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. Snow to very low altitudes between Molise, Campania and northern Puglia, elsewhere on hilly heights. More sun in Sardinia. Temperatures Stable or a slight further decline in the Adriatic region. wind Still stronger in cyclonic circulation but loosening during the day. Marie Very moved or agitated by local storm waves.

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