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Messina Tenaro, the bar where he had his coffee.  “Everybody was quiet when he came in.”

Messina Tenaro, the bar where he had his coffee. “Everybody was quiet when he came in.”

You must meet in the middle of the countryside where the narrow streets are narrow and the houses on the outskirts are now unknown. Appointed near a semi-ruined shed surrounded by old wooden and plastic shacks, probably where migrants spend the night, they gather vegetables in the fields of the area in certain seasons. “It is better that nobody knows now that I am telling of these strange encounters. But thinking about it today, I must admit that it seems very strange to me that among the people who enter that bar every day, nobody knows who that man is. I am from Trapani, but I have some doubts. There were, but in my opinion other people know better who they are dealing with.

Messina Denaro, daughter-in-law-elect: “I didn’t expect it, I was surprised”


Confirming the suspicion that 40-year-old I Carabinieri They’ve been around for days, and that’s what many have encountered in recent months Matthew Messina Money And they always pretend that nothing happened, he worked as a laborer on a construction site far from the den-alcove where the boss spent the last six months. His name is Giovanni, he got married in October and has a 4-year-old daughter. “I’m from Trapani, and now luckily I’ve changed jobs: I was unemployed, I accepted a six-month contract with a construction company, but the working conditions were unacceptable. I was in a team renovating an old house in Campobello. Every morning I stopped at the breakfast bar and saw the man with the amber glasses. Met several times, certainly in June and July. Everyone was quiet when he walked in. This detail struck me. He was wearing very strange, I would say frilly shirts. At one point he became fat. I remember these strange, dark glasses. He had a voice. It was very low. I thought he was a strange character, maybe a powerful or rich person, but I didn’t know who he was, I didn’t imagine that he was a super fugitive».

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They were almost daily acquaintances of the merciless slaughter of Castelvetrano, and rumors were not freely circulated after his capture. It is true that he left the house, went to drink coffee or go shopping, sometimes even to the car wash, in that black Alfa Giulietta, the carabinieri are still searching and seems to have disappeared into thin air. “I’m sure the other people inside the bar knew very well who that quiet customer was, he kept smiling and thanking me. He spoke in Italian, and I never asked him for words in the local dialect. Once I dared to ask a waitress, but she answered me very annoyed. I asked her if she was the mayor of the city, and instead she told me that it was a doctor». This is precisely the version that the boss spread among those who met him and showed the most interest: “I am from Palermo, I am retired,” he said. “Here we all have our I get that we’re used to minding our own business, and that’s great with these characters. However, considering the harm this man has caused to Italy and our region, it is unacceptable that many people pretend not to see him while he is enjoying a hot coffee.

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