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93 suspects, one regional subsidiary employee were arrested

93 suspects, one regional subsidiary employee were arrested

Improper receipt of citizen’s income and fueling corruption. A cafe was arrested and confiscated as a result of an operation by the financial police: as part of an investigation involving a total of 93 suspects, 53 were identified as having received subsidies illegally. These are unpaid amounts for a total of €620,402. Francesco Tuttoilmondo, 47, an employee of a company owned by regional Sass subsidiary Sicily, and the manager of a cafe in Arinella, was placed under house arrest.

This is how the citizen income earners worked video

The contested offenses are aggravated fraud in obtaining public funds, material and conceptual falsification of public documents and incitement to corruption. Thus the financiers of the Provincial Ordinance of Palermo implemented the order of the trial judge of the court.

Investigations carried out by experts from the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Palermo (Public Expenditure Protection Team) based on a complaint by a Palermo Municipality employee, would have made it possible to detect “many illegal behaviors carried out”. Read in a note – through the preparation and use of conceptually and materially incorrect documents (residence notices, registry registration notices for TARI purposes, rental agreements) sent electronically to the regional stations of the municipal registration office responsible for the change of residence service”.

The need to obtain approval for these changes relates to the failure of the family unit to exceed certain income thresholds, as is known – naturally hypothetical – to create income requirements for the citizen. As there are no convicted felons.

In particular, Tuttoilmondo, through the legal screen of a Caf, prepared false documents for the benefit of a large audience of “clients”, receiving – they say from the financial police – an agreed financial compensation for each procedure, and bribes municipal employees with gifts and sums to try to speed up the administrative process for the change of residence. trying to give”.

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