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Deepfake the US primaries.  President Joe Biden's voice cloned – Focus Europe

Deepfake the US primaries. President Joe Biden's voice cloned – Focus Europe

BRUSSELS – The primaries are just hours away Presidential elections 2024, and the phone starts ringing in unknown homes (some say less than 5 thousand).

It looks like a normal robocall, an automated call to leave a recorded message, but instead it's a deepfake: in which, in fact, you can hear Clone voice US President Joe Biden has urged Democratic voters not to go to the polls. “It's important to save your vote for the November election!,” the president's voice sounded incredibly similar.

“This Tuesday's vote will do nothing but favor Republicans in their re-election bid. Donald TrumpYour vote will make the difference in November, not this Tuesday,” he continues.Although the circulation of deepfakes during elections is now an unfortunately known problem, this is the first time someone has tried using voice cloning. At the same time'Artificial intelligence Along with the old – but precisely for this reason well-known and widespread – technology of robocalls.

As NBC reported — making the scam even more credible — the call ended with giving out a phone number. Cathy Sullivan, former chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and chairman of a group supporting President Biden's re-election, as a contact person to ask to be excluded from future invitations. As it appears above all to be a test, it is a dress rehearsal in preparation for the more sophisticated and effective disinformation campaigns yet to come.

What happened in New Hampshire has caused great concern in the US and the rest of the world: as The Economist Weekly reminds us, 76 countries will vote in 2024 and about 51% of the world's population will be called to the polls. There will be votes in countries like the US and Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, Indonesia, and most definitely in Europe, where 400 million voters in 27 countries are calling for the renewal of the European Parliament. It will be the “biggest election year in history,” and the heavy sword of Damocles of deep fakes hangs over it. Deep fake Due to the proliferation of artificial intelligence-based services that can be created today, they are much easier to create and can be used anywhere to manipulate and deceive voters.

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