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3 Broke Women movie, story, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

3 Broke Women movie, story, actors, crew, ending, filming location, location

Cielo Suggest the movie with the title 3 broke women. He is a comedy type producer.

Production is from United States of AmericaThe year of construction was 2008 and its duration is 1 hour and 44 minutes.

3 broke film actresses

3 Broke Women – direction, heroes, location

The trend is by Callie Khoury. The main heroes are Bridget Cardigan H Jackie Truman Played straight before Diane Keaton H Katy Holmes. Also in the cast Queen Latifah In turn in Brewster.

Filmed in Americaespecially A Shreveport and surrounding areas in province Louisiana.

Production is from Big city pictures In cooperation with Granada Entertainment H Great military entertainment.

The film is known worldwide by the title Mad money.

3 Broke Women movie where it was filmed3 Broke Women movie where it was filmed

3 Broken Women – the story of the film that was broadcast on Cielo

The plot has heroes Bridget Cardigan And your husband Without a cardigan. The two live in a wealthy neighborhood. but Get excited He loses his job and is forced to put his house up for sale. Bridget Instead she was hired as a cleaner at headquarters Kansas City from Federal Reservecentral bank United States of America.

During his work, he discovers that the spent money is being destroyed, and the person responsible for its destruction is an unmarried African-American woman with two dependent children named Nina Brewster.

Bridget Then he develops a plan to seize the money inside the bank, which must be destroyed.

However, the plan is developed in the company of other people. Between these Jackie TrumanShe is a music lover and married to a butcher Bob.

The two live in economic conditions so precarious that they live in a caravan. The third woman he collaborates with Bridget himself Nina Responsible for destroying money.

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Final spoiler

The plan works incredibly well for about 3 years, during which a cop he likes also joins the gang Nina. But the sudden richness of Bridget, Nina Hoda Jackie He suspects a mysterious treasury inspector who eventually discovers the scam and arrests the three women including the policeman.

Bridget However, he later managed to evade capture, taking with him a bag full of money. He hires a lawyer who gets everyone out of prison due to insufficient evidence. The ending retains the twist.

3 Broke Women the last movie3 Broke Women the last movie

3 Broken Women: Full Cast

Below is the film's cast 3 broke women And the characters played by the actors

  • Diane Keaton: Bridget Cardigan
  • Katy Holmes: Jackie Trueman
  • Queen Latifah: Nina Brewster
  • Ted Danson: Without a cardigan
  • Roger R. Cross: Barry Cobb
  • Adam Rothenberg: Bob Truman
  • Stephen Root: Glover
  • C. Mackenzie: Mandelbrot
  • Christopher McDonald:Bryce Arbogast
  • Magnificent Fi: Mindy Arbogast
  • Phineas Mitchell: Shawn
  • Peyton Alex Smith:Dante
  • Sterling Blackmon: Jimmy
  • Morgana Shaw: Molly