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Judy Cecchetto against Linus after criticizing his father, Claudio

Judy Cecchetto against Linus after criticizing his father, Claudio

Back and forth with arguments between Linus And son Claudio Cecchetto, Judy. The young broadcaster, who had just finished his experience on RTL 102.5, did not like the comment made a few days ago after the broadcast of the Rai documentary. People from Chiquito.

Get on with your life Radio Deejay Linus “Rai 1 was performing very poorly, there was clearly something uninteresting about it,” he said. And as a joke Nicola Savino: “how dump you are” Linus He replied: “Eh, what an idiot.”

Cecchetto & Co. The rest of the eighties

By Antonio DeBolina

Judy Chiquito He posted on his personal page on the social networking site, “A message without malice or malice to Linus, whose professionalism I recognize and whose great professionalism I feel the need to have my say in public. Because one of the most important people in my life has something to do with the topic (who doesn't know anything about this video) and it has something to do with the work I paused but would like to continue exploring and experiencing in the future. Now I am free to say what I feel and I proudly take full responsibility for my words.”

“Hello Pascual, let me address you even if we don't know each other – he says in the video – since I've been listening to your show for a long time, it's like I know you a little bit. I heard you thought People from Chiquito “Very uninteresting.” This document is not just Tribute to Claudio CecchettoBut it is an embrace from and to the hero's friends in the film, whose stories are traced. Stories that became history because they changed the language of communication, radio and television in Italy. Stories that represent an unforgettable youthful character for an entire generation. Perhaps you did not take into account that by belittling the documentary, you also belittled the testimonies and emotional stories of people whom I have always seen you treat as colleagues and lifelong friends in various interviews or in the moments when you spoke about them: I'm talking about Lorenzo Jovanotti, Rosario Fiorello, Gerry Scotti, Amadeus and also Fabio Volo.Who I think works on your radio, but he introduced himself very cordially.”

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Then he continues: “What I was most sorry to hear was when you defined the fool because – as I said – he is the person thanks to whom you exist and basically exist. Radio deejay. Even for that reason alone, without considering everything else, he doesn't seem so stupid to me. I've been hanging around the social media world for a few years now, and I love it but what bothers me the most are the digs. I'm learning and I still have to learn but I think I've learned one thing: words spoken in front of a microphone matter. What I said is slander – a hackneyed social media dig, that has nothing to do with the professional character of one of Italy's most beloved speakers, a radio leader who should be the coolest of all time. I did not warn anyone about this video and I take responsibility for what I said.”

“You're a good boy, and you're honored to stand up for Dad. You'll never understand the rest. Fortunately. Good luck with everything” is the caption Linus Posted under the video Judy Chiquito.