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150,000 lines of dialogue?  Perhaps too much, quality can be affected for developers -

150,000 lines of dialogue? Perhaps too much, quality can be affected for developers –

Bethesda claimed it recently starfield will include More than 150,000 lines of dialogue, which is more than Skyrim (60.000) and Fallout 4 (110,000). When talking to Kotaku, some developers expressed the gods doubtsThere may be too much and the quality may be affected.

Wayne RushSenior Narrative Designer at The Coalition (Gears), said: “A great script doesn’t just mean a lot of work to the writing team…it also impacts the sound department, the engineers, the animators and maybe even the level designers.. the big text means Lots of extra work on the dubbing recordings, managing them and managing the script.”

It’s not only the amount of text that worries Rush, but also me Possible decrease in quality. “In a deluge of lines to double down, I can only imagine how much was lost or mixed up or how little proper validation would be. Even the best operations and the most attentive teams would miss something in between.”

The sandwich from the Starfield trailer

No Jim Jim Writer and Narrative Designer Anna Webster He also states that “Dialogues are a labor of love and the cost of this work increases in proportion to the quantity. And if you do not wait on the productive side, this causes a crisis.” The term crisis refers to an exaggerated need for overtime for long periods of time, resulting in damage to the physical and mental health of employees.

Robert Brooks, the narrative designer at Bungie, also points out that writing, correcting and rewriting – based on notes – many lines of text is a great job.

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This is clearly the guesses of developers not involved in development. starfield It’s been in the works for quite some time, so we can assume that Bethesda took the time to create many lines of text and everything going around. In any case, the developers’ reaction makes us understand that what Bethesda is doing is certainly no small feat.

Not too long ago, Bethesda and Xbox were forced to reaffirm that Starfield would not make it to PS5: fans misunderstood it.