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A new picture shows us the beauty of luck and the game world -

A new picture shows us the beauty of luck and the game world –

Three Elden Ring warriors looking at the horizon, with a castle in the distance

elden ring He won’t be with us until January 2022, but in the meantime, the game’s social media profile posts little bits of the adventure that lies ahead. Now, the team shared one New image Which indicates the beauty of luck and the game world.

The photo was published on Twitter, accompanied by the description, “Friendship between light is a dear gift in this fierce land.” In the picture we can see hero From the Elden Ring, in the center, wearing European armour, while on the right and left there are two conjured figures, in red/orange. The two characters have completely different armor, one of which is probably inspired by Japanese samurai armor.

L ‘Adjust The Elden Ring that we see glimpsed in this image consists of forests, rocky valleys, gleaming trees, and large buildings and structures. We can see a castle, in the distance, but also a portfolio with a bridge, on the right. On the left we see a smaller building, possibly a church, because it appears to have a bell tower.

This image doesn’t tell us much, of course, and the description doesn’t add any particular information to what we already know about the game, but it reminds us once again that Miyazaki-like spirits (also) are supposed to have been played alongside other players, or with the help of warriors controlled by artificial intelligence.

We also know that Elden Ring will feature “Ubisoft-style” turrets, with functionality similar to Assassin’s Creed. Finally, in our opinion, Dark Souls Nightfall would be the best way to wait for the Elden Ring.

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