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15 day weather with more extreme African heatwaves.  Temperature Hazard Record

15 day weather with more extreme African heatwaves. Temperature Hazard Record

In this weather focus Let’s face the possibility That occur Heat waves are more intense than current waves. Today they are influential Historical record temperatures For June in some places, and all of this happening in an anti-hurricane context isn’t even exceptional.

The seas around Italy are warmer than average Now at least 3 degrees Celsius, and the predictions of the mathematical models valid for half a month, indicate that we will have a warmer sea, and that in mid-July the temperature can reach 28 degrees Celsius in the Tyrrhenian Sea. We risk that the sea temperatures are of tropical values, and this will contribute to Changing the balance of our marine ecosystem. It will become energy transmitted to the next atmospheric turbulence.

But now we have to face the heat, We are just at the beginning of the summer seasonand we live in a weather condition that will give it in the long run a lot of annoyance This is mainly due to the continued rise in temperatures. The hot year came around May 10, and if there was this cold at the end of May, the month would have been more erratic as the average temperature. Currently, it appears to fall between fourth and fifth among the hottest as a national value.

But June is a month Which, as we have seen, defines the terms Hotter than in May. But not only that, as the weeks go by, June could be hotterEven worse, it could be July and the first part of August. This year, the anomaly was exaggerated From the African cyclonewhile in other years we had the effect of the African counter-cyclone, but also and above all the European cyclone, which mixes in very high temperatures especially in the regions of northern Italy.

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But the African heat alone, With his anticyclone it could be worseHowever, its effects are especially felt in the Italian peninsula, Sardinia and Sicily, and a little less often in northern Italy, even if in the long run this region is in danger of being deeply involved.

The picture and video we attached tell us From the dangers of a very hot summerwith temperatures that can reach their peak Touch 45°C. This isn’t an exaggeration, it’s not a fantasy, it’s not a far-fetched projection.

Sure, it’s not a weather forecast, nor a climate forecast, but it’s our impression. This is based on established facts, seasonal expectations, and other conditions and factors that lead to the current rage of extreme heat. As if it were a preview of the worst ahead.

In fact, already in Weather forecast for two weekssee from the mathematical models, the formation of a new strong flow hot air from africa towards Spain, Portugal and France, with subsequent participation from Western Italy. In France and Spain, record temperatures can be reached, and then the heat will be in northern Italy.

This new trend of sports models Significantly reduces the chances of precipitation that has been envisioned for the long term.

Climatic indicators are unfavorable for our region, along with seasonal sports models that predict above-average temperatures for the entire summer. Some say this is crazy weather. A little, but the reality is different, we live Climate change is in the front row, live.