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ANTICICLONE TAKES THE PENINSULA, A SUNNY BREAK. This is how long it will last «3B Meteo

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Weather next week, the hurricane will strengthen
Weather next week, the hurricane will strengthen

Beginning of the week, turmoil in distancing towards the Balkans. after Hassle who in weekend It will mainly affect the central and southern regions, The hurricane will strengthen again and expansion from southwestern Europe to Italy. You’d already prefer a stable start to the week in our area, except for one The remaining contrast is in the eastern regions, as well as with the possibility of local rains in the interior of the southern Apennines. Here, in fact, you will feel the last gusts of cold air connected to the vortex centered in the southern Balkan sector, between Monday and Tuesday.

old week. Over the course of the week, the anticyclone will remain the protagonist, with its peaks located in central Europe, preventing any attempted attack by the turbulent Atlantic flow or the cold northern turmoil. However, the return Thermal inversions and therefore fog and mist over the Po Valley, is locally constant even during the day and at minimum temperatures often close to zero, generating Frost even in the plains.

How long will it last’? It can be a fairly long lasting hurricane, lasting in central Europe and Italy most days of the week. Only between the end of the week and the beginning of the next day can something begin to change Because of the possible entry of cold currents descending from northern latitudes towards the center of the continent, even if the consequences have not yet been assessed. Given the time distance, the trend can be subject to changes. We advise you to follow the upcoming updates.

Do you want to know if there are winds in your area? We also have national and regional wind maps available. Click here for details >> winds.

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