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Space tourism, 26-year-old young woman on New Shepard’s flight: She is the youngest American in space


With 16 flights and more than 40 private passengers, in just over 20 years, space tourism is experiencing a real boom, between orbital flights arriving at the space station and much faster sub-orbital flights, and confirming the trend is the new flight of New Shepard From Jeff Bezos, which gave six space tourists the thrill of interstellar traffic. The launcher and capsule, both reusable, departed from the launch site located in West Texas, not far from the city of Van Horn.

Parachute landing for New Shepard passengers

The rocket was the first to land, then the capsule was accompanied by a three-parachute system in a smooth landing. And so the journey ended No. 21 (NS-21) from New Shepard, a number that also includes past unmanned test flights; Today was the fifth with tourists on board. The other four took place in July, October and December 2021 and in March 2022. The adventure, like other sub-tropical flights, took just 11 minutes, a little in appearance, but enough to make you feel the unique sense of weightlessness of the six tourists on board. Among them were the axes of science Katya Echazaritawho at 26 is the youngest American and the first person of Mexican descent to do a similar mission.

Astronomical costs for a space ticket

“Buena suerte” was the salute that arrived from the control center a few minutes after launch. Space for Humanity paid for the Echazarreta ticket. The ticket was also paid for by the sponsor Victor Correa Hispanhawhile the engineer and the investor buy their place on the ship independently Evan Dickthe only veteran of this mission: he also traveled aboard the New Shepard in December 2021. Before him only one space tourist had been able to make the apparition, Charles Simonewho visited the space station in 2007 and 2009. They paid for a flight ticket on New Shepard (But there’s no indiscretion about the cost) either Hamish HardingAnd the Jason RobinsonNeither Victor Bishop. However, it is certain that space tourism is still a passion that only billionaires can afford.

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In 2021 special operators arrive for an out-of-orbit tour

It’s been like this since the beginning, when Dennis Tito He was the first to visit the space station. It was April 2001, and between then and 2009, seven more flew after him. A long interval was followed due to the retirement of the Space Shuttle. From that moment, in fact, Soyuz remained the only means of transportation for astronauts bound for the space station and the technology for suborbital flights was not yet mature. Things changed with the arrival of individuals, and starting in 2021 there was a real boom, with the four flights of the New Shepherd, for a total of 16 tourists. The SpaceX Crew Dragon Inspiration4 mission and Axiom Space also contributed to the space tour, which last April was the first entirely private mission to be docked to the space station.


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