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15-Day Weather Forecast - Confirmation: Winter is in serious difficulty!

15-Day Weather Forecast – Confirmation: Winter is in serious difficulty!

High pressure does not give up .. but increases! After being in Western Europe for so long, the stable figure will move the blinds towards Italy and will settle here for the first ten days of February.

The first map is the average of the file scenarios American model Valid for Wednesday 9 February:

There are not many comments on this map. Turbulence and cold away from the Italian and Mediterranean landscape which would be occupied by high pressure altogether. A fixed fixed number that will silence any phenomenon in the shadow of a large phenomenon Cover from smog and pollution. Obviously they will be back fog on the plains, Mountains and hills live as one Spring equinox approx.

Unfortunately, there is no precipitation in sight in the northern regions, As the situation is getting worse day by day.

How could the situation develop after that? Until today, models have not made a way out of this predicament for more than a month and a half that marked Italian time. maybe around today February 15can enter Some fresh and choppy air from the northwest Which will make the happiness of the few and the misery of the many in light of the prevention of phenomena. Here is the average scenarios American model Because Tuesday 15 February:

we said from Some contrast with some isolated rain in ItalyMaybe with a little cold in. The rain-filled turmoil will remain off the Italian scene for some time now.

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