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Celestial Bodies - In space, everything is complicated

Celestial Bodies – In space, everything is complicated

Heavenly Bodies It is part of the circle of addresses found in The line between the experience and the actual video game. In this case we can say without a doubt that boys 2Pt Interactive They’ve managed to embroider a good series of scenarios around their idea, which offers enough variety to, crucially, remove it from the ranks of experimental games and ensure high-quality fun even if it’s unfortunately short-lived.

We tell you this in our review: Happy reading!

You don’t live by conspiracy alone…

the plot in Heavenly Bodies Practically nothing as well for those who have looked at the subject of science fiction and anticipate an interesting science fiction story, nothing they do. But in the end, given the nature of the game, you don’t miss out too much. The player is injected from the first minutes into the controls of an astronaut (or two minutes, as we will see) who is on an unspecified space station. here, approx Five hours of gameplay is required to complete the game, a series of seven different scenarios that follow each other, in which it is necessary to perform some well-defined tasks, from prospecting for minerals on distant asteroids to cleaning the power generator. The peculiarity of the title is, in fact, the control system of the main character, which is completely based on physics: all the action of our hero takes place in conditions of weightlessness and depends entirely on the use of his upper limbs.

Joypad in hand, here we dare to say practically indispensable, the two levers allow you to control the rotation of the respective arms and the lower one triggers the operation of the fist. The overhead actuators instead flex the legs, limiting this movement and useful for giving themselves powerful vertical thrusts. Although the game is basically 2.5D, the character cannot spin on itself and will always be oriented in front of the camera, this is also to facilitate the use of the arms – gravity, or better, its absence, thus becoming the only real enemy. From Heavenly Bodies.

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Without gravity, nothing is simple!

Due to the design of the control system, being able to correctly articulate movements to perform even simple actions such as pressing a button is a real task that requires great coordination of the hands. It is one of those ideas that you either love or hate each other: yet, objectively speaking, it is an innovative concept skillfully executed, which we personally value. To offer challenges of different levels, ben . has been introduced Three game modes, from the most difficult to the easiest, depending on the level of realism. for the fundamentalists there Newton, the most difficult, where physics is respected – the body of our avatar floats in the void and without a grip or external force is completely helpless. over there classic, the original and recommended, which slightly modifies the laws of physics and provides a level of control similar to movement in a liquid: by waving the character’s arm, it is possible to give himself small pulses and direct his body. Finally there Assist, which allows you to always have some kind of thrust available, simply by pointing the arms in one direction. Ultimately, as expected, Classic is definitely the most fun, as it offers a medium level of challenge, not too hard, and not too easy.

Astronaut brothers in space.

Before we mention a second astronaut – well, the whole adventure can actually be shared with a friend thanks to the sofa-fold, which is performed here with great skill. Having a second player greatly increases the fun, because a certain coordination is required between the two and it is not uncommon to make clumsy mistakes that frustrate the minutes of preparation, perhaps dropping valuable tools meters away or the astronauts themselves into the void of space. ! Apart from the last possibility in reality, there are no enemies or ways to die, in Heavenly Bodies The worst thing that can happen is having to reboot from the previous checkpoint because you are probably missing out on something necessary to keep going. Activities to be performed include pressing buttons and levers, handling more or less complex tools, and driving mechanical weapons and even space capsules. The latter, unfortunately only in one of the seven missions, certainly represents the funny element of this fun puzzle game and also a demonstration of the great potential of the implemented engine – it is a pity that they are not exploited more thoroughly. Overall, despite the initial effect, we finally found the control system to be well calibrated and highly motivating.

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Technical sector

Developed by lonlinessAnd Heavenly Bodies It offers very clean, very realistic and intermittently stunning 2D graphics. The lighting effects and all the landscape elements are well preserved and detailed, and the work done by the little American team is simply perfect. There are no non-playable characters or other living creatures, so there is no real sector animation – only the hero and possibly his partner. We really appreciated the sound department thanks to the ambient background music, which is reminiscent of sci-fi movies like Sunshine de John Murphy – Really very beautiful. We didn’t find bugs or smudges during our sessions, while the entire game was translated into excellent Italian.


Heavenly Bodies

It is one of those strange and interesting nicknames, which at first glance may seem meaningless, but whose purpose is to present a clever challenge without necessarily having to associate with other Christians (see also Tin Can Simulator). The suggested scenarios and activities, although presented in limited quantities, are all very interesting and manage to keep interest high until the end, while the poor hero navigates between the abandoned metal walls of the station. The real drawback to this title is only one: it ends too soon – we would have liked to see more potential provided by the physical engine that the guys put in 2pt interactive.