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KLM and Lufthansa have announced the cancellation of hundreds of flights across Europe

Two of the largest airlines in Europe announced That in the short term they will have to cancel many flights: Dutch airline KLM said it will cancel 20 flights per day (round trip) between now and the end of August, while Germany’s Lufthansa 770 is only next week. The goal is to try to relieve the pressure on airports and reach a sustainable flight schedule, at a time when the number of airline staff is not enough to cover the very high number of bookings.

Both companies announced that they would limit ticket sales. Despite these measures, cancellations and delays may increase during the summer. In recent weeks, the status of canceled flights in Europe has been They keep getting worse. The main reason is the crisis faced by airlines in the wake of the pandemic: many have had to make huge cuts in staff, with not enough of them available now. Added to these shortcomings are employee strikes across Europe due to the same cuts to the number of employees.

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